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I Have to Swim Against Her?
Missy Franklin Is Racing for Her High School—Which Is Fun Unless You Are Facing Her

This is an interesting situation, somewhat related to one we have encountered in billiards. In billiards, there are often complaints about professional or professional-caliber players playing in amateur events in order to easily win money. In this case, Missy Franklin, a five-time Olympic gold medalist, is turning down money to remain an amateur and ticking off a few fellow high-school swimmers who believe she should GTFO of the amateur ranks and give them a chance.

What say you?

Should Missy Franklin remain an amateur?



that'll give us something to ponder while I ride the bus for 6 hours

2 Replies to “back to pool :-)”

  1. I think if Missy didn’t go to the Olympics or swim as well as she does but still swims better than everybody else this wouldn’t be an issue. Missy’s just turning it up to eleven.

    The difference between losing 18 out of 400 and 19 out of 400 is one-quarter of one-percent. The school that is so concerned about their precious record needs to shut. up. and teach the kids that there are useful things to be learned from getting your butt kicked.

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