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The Clocks at Grand Central Station Are Permanently Wrong
… and they’re that way on purpose.
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How Smiles Control Us All
And why we’re terrible at faking them.
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Feet in Smoke
On the morning of April 21, 1995, my elder brother, Worth (short for Elsworth), put his mouth to a microphone in a garage in Lexington, Kentucky, and was—in the strict sense of having been “shocked to death”—electrocuted.



Things are still busy over here, so just a short non-billiards story today.

clouds & sparrows

Back in the days when I might have been somewhat of an athlete, I went up to the mountains with actual athletes for high-altitude training.

The sun rose early and I naturally woke up every morning at about 5:00, no alarm clock needed. There was a deck built into the side of the mountain and I went there every morning to wait until everyone else was up. A flock of sparrows would flit about just below the balcony before setting off to do whatever it was that sparrows did.

One evening at dinner with my roommates, I commented that I didn’t get the weather up here. What did I mean? Well, the days were all cloudless and clear, but at night, there was one cloud in the sky that never went away. I thought it was strange.

When they stopped laughing, they told me the “cloud” was the Milky Way.

Rather embarrassed, I went out to the deck after dinner to sit for a bit. The sparrows were massing and flitting about. As I watched them, I noticed they made no sound. They were completely silent. Also, they were leaving the area. I recalled, then, that in the mornings, they were actually – returning – from somewhere else, not flying away as I initially thought.

I leaned over the railing of the deck, and hanging only by my feet stuck between the rails (I might have been somewhat athletic but I was completely devoid of common sense), I looked under the deck.

There were bats.

Hundreds and hundreds of bats swirling out of a crevice in the side of the mountain, just below the deck, and they started flying around me.

I said, “Oh. Wow.” Then I calmly hoisted myself back on to the right side of the deck and went to get ice cream.



I get nostalgic for my ignorant and fearless childhood self so I recently made a bad decision in its honor. 🙂

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  1. I love the smile article and it came just in time to help me to fight the funk. Of course, now everyone knows that I’ve lost my mind!!!

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