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just a reminder
yeah, yeah — Valentine’s day, whatever

This is the first match on the newly redone pockets. The pockets were previously at 4-1/8″ and they have been opened to tournament standard 4-1/2″.

Both players have strong breaks and the larger pockets promise (not guaranteeing delivery yet, mind you) an exciting match full of offensive shotmaking.

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I update every 4 games until one player reaches or surpasses 22 games. Thereafter, the updates will be every 1 or 2 games until the end.


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making cute silly things to preserve sanity in times of stress

I’m haphazardly making stuff in different materials and techniques. That’s probably a metaphor for my current state of mind as well. Anyhoo, I tried my hand at making a “plushie”, a small stuffed toy, out of felt.

NO Here is a Grumpy Cat plushie magnet.
The magnets are nice, strong neodymium magnets, in keeping with my OCD tendencies regarding quality and durability. He is as big as an iPhone 5 and makes a nice statement glaring at visitors from a fridge or whiteboard.
It was nice to do something other than my usual yarn and ceramics deal. I’m not very good at sewing, but — like I do in pool — I can sometimes muddle my way to fairly decent results.


your favorite kind

Yep, let’s raffle off Mr. Grumps up there so he can decorate your whiteboard or fridge!

Pick one number from 1-46 and list your choice in the comments section below. Please make sure your number hasn’t already been chosen by someone else.

Once all numbers have been chosen, the next Mega Millions drawing will determine our winner. Whoever picks the Mega number will win Mr. Grumps.

Those of you overseas can (and should) play along, too! International shipping is all right by me. 🙂


I will update this list as often as I can (when I have Intarweb Access). Please check the comments to make sure your pick isn’t taken. Also, your email address may not make it past the spam filter, so check to make sure I update the list with your name.

  • 1. Paintime
  • 2. BigCat
  • 3. Brian in VA
  • 4. purpdrag
  • 5. Brandon Pureza
  • 6. Chris
  • 7. BigCat
  • 8. BigDaddyKane
  • 9. Ali
  • 10. Heath
  • 11. Brian in VA
  • 12. Mmmmmai
  • 13. Hidy Ho
  • 14. Curtis Y.
  • 15. Heath
  • 16. Fridgegargoyle
  • 17. Ali
  • 18. Karen Tang
  • 19. Paintime
  • 20. matthew
  • 21. Pool Minnow
  • 22. iannis
  • 23. John Melvin
  • 24. Karen Tang
  • 25. John Melvin
  • 26. Gabe
  • 27. demonrho
  • 28. Vincent
  • 29. Curtis Y.
  • 30. BigDaddyKane
  • 31. Miss Sunny
  • 32. Fridgegargoyle
  • 33. Eyal
  • 34. purpdrag
  • 35. demonrho
  • 36. Brandon Pureza
  • 37. matthew
  • 38. iannis
  • 39. Eyal
  • 40. Mmmmmai
  • 41. Gabe
  • 42. Miss Sunny
  • 43. Chris
  • 44. HidyHo
  • 45. Pool Minnow
  • 46. Vincent


what a difference a quarter-inch makes

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  1. #7 please. Thanks!

    BTW, I have a story about a CA pool player that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while.

  2. I’ll take the prime numero, 13, in honor of Dr. Remy Hadley, aka Thirteen, played by smoking hawt Olivia Wilde on House. I miss that show …

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