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TAR31 was… interesting. You’ll have to wait for the write up as I’m crunched for time (feature of my life that is far too common these days).

I’ll do my best to make the wait worth it.



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Reading Links are arranged top to bottom from shortest to longest reads. Short reads will take you perhaps a minute or two. Trenta reads will be more than 15 minutes. The in-between lengths are Tall, Grande, and Venti.

« T A L L »
Dangerous Curves
Since he started teaching at Johns Hopkins University in 2005, Professor Peter Fröhlich has maintained a grading curve in which each class’s highest grade on the final counts as an A, with all other scores adjusted accordingly.
The Life and Work of a Chocolate Health Researcher
Karin Ried, Ph.D., is research director for the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne, Australia, and is one of the leading chocolate researchers in the world. Her main interest is in chocolate’s effect on blood pressure.
How a Sweetheart Is Made: The Epic Industrial Odyssey of the Most Famous Valentine’s Day Snack
Since we have to produce 7 million pounds of hearts annually, we have to make hearts all year.
« G R A N D E »
How much bigger can container ships get?
The world’s cargo ships are getting big, really big. No surprise, perhaps, given the volume of goods produced in Asia and consumed in Europe and the US. But are these giant symbols of the world’s trade imbalance growing beyond all reason?
When Mutant Mosquitoes Attack
Scientists are aware that their interventions in the natural world will have unintended effects, and in order to behave ethically, these potential risks must be considered. Even something as innocuous as a mosquito net may carry a considerable downside.
Bark Up or Down? Firewood Splits Norwegians
The TV program, on the topic of firewood, consisted mostly of people in parkas chatting and chopping in the woods and then eight hours of a fire burning in a fireplace. Yet no sooner had it begun, on prime time on Friday night, than the angry responses came pouring in.
« D O U B L E . T R E N T A »
The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
On the evening of April 8, 1999, a long line of Town Cars and taxis pulled up to the Minneapolis headquarters of Pillsbury and discharged 11 men who controlled America’s largest food companies.
very long read but well worth it



a thousand words
cool pics, bro

o rly



// How my league teammate eats his pancakes. // He builds what I like to call Crater Lake. His rationale: you cut away the sides of the “mountain” and dip the pieces into the “lake” of syrup. By doing so, you control juuuust how much syrup you have on each bite.



speaking of league
speak of the devil

I’m now a sub for my friends’ team.

Yesterday, I ran into one of the head honchos of this particular league, which I haven’t played in for a few years now.

“I’m a sub for this team — guess I’m back playing league.”

“I…… heard.”

He said “heard” as if I had told him a psychotic killer had just been paroled.



almost… there…
I need three two one none more people to enter in the raffle and then I’m closing it. (Free stuff is not as popular as I thought it would be.) Those who enter (23 total) will receive an extra number, chosen by random number generator. Then we can get this Grumpy Cat on the road — to you!



tournament tournament tournament tournament tournament!

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