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For Peat’s Sake
Peat is not a renewable resource. What does that mean for my favorite Scotch whiskies?
Stradivarius trees: Searching for perfect musical wood
Switzerland is home to some of the best violin makers in the world. But how do they know which tree will make a top quality violin?
« G R A N D E »
The Transformational Power of the Right Spice
Generally, restaurant people make up a hard-bitten demographic, so when I repeatedly heard words like “magician” and “visionary,” I imagined I might meet a nutmeg-dusted Timothy Leary.
« T R E N T A »
Colorado’s Most Amazing and Punishing (and Magical) Race
originally published June/July 2005
How an unemployed, gun-totin’ rock-blaster saved a dying mining town with nothing more than a brutal 100-mile footrace, some of the world’s most supremely conditioned geeks, and a pack of llamas.
One Tiny German Town, Seven Big Michelin Stars
Germany was not, until very recently, known for its chefs, but it does have a well-earned reputation for quality control.




A Short History of the Hot Seat // Extruded vinyl, Textilene mesh and other seminal moments in alfresco seating


Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted // HAMSTER BALL OF PERSONAL SPACE. YES.

Y E S .



TAR33 | Francisco Bustamante vs Alex Pagulayan

Holy crap, it seems like we *just* finished a TAR match, right?

But, wait!

There’s MORE!

pinoy vs pinoy

TAR33 will be all-around consisting of 8-ball race to 20, one pocket race to 8, and 10-ball race to 27. This will be the first all-around match on the new 4-1/2″ pockets. That should make the one pocket interesting.

Purchase the pay-per-view from The Action Report.

If you are not able to watch the stream, I will provide periodic updates when I get there on the weekend.



…and don’t forget…

TAR34 | Efren Reyes vs Shane Van Boening

…takes place the week after! Same format as TAR33 except for the one pocket, which is a race to 11.

aww yeah

April is the poolest month!



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8 Replies to “spiders across the stars”

  1. The introvert piece is really well done. While I am an introvert to some degree, most people don’t recognize it because my job requires me to be outgoing, upbeat, and speak in public – nearly all the time. As a result, many folks don’t understand when I’m getting myself recharged. I feel for those who are very introverted.

    It’s funny, one of the trainers that works for me is an extrovert but you’d never know when you watch him in action. Just as it’s tough to see that I’m an introvert.

    Humans are proof positive that the Universe has an awesome sense of humor.

    1. The Universe would be a lot funnier if it gave me a human-sized hamster ball. Soundproofed, of course.

  2. Reading that made my hamster ball much more comfortable, which is in a cabin, deep in the Rockies, accessible only by ATV or snowmobiles. However, some folks’ hamster balls are in tastefully decorated apartments in uptown Manhattan with a Penthouse view (fresh air…times square…goodbye city life!).
    Oops, I just dated myself, but that’s ok, we get along pretty well most of the time, cabin fever notwithstanding.

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