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Oh, hello.
This is a note to clarify some things regarding my last two posts which are posts in a new series (I try to do a “series” every year) I have dubbed Instasham.
Yes, it is a different style of writing than my usual f#ck-you-asshole kind of blargging or my event summaries. There are many different genres and styles in writing, just as how there are different games of pool. This is the writing equivalent of me taking up one pocket (which I don’t play) to try something different.
These posts will not displace my usual f#ck-you-asshole and event summary posts. They are merely an addition to the garage-sale hodge-podge of posts already on this site. I wrote a few of these while I was gone last month and figured I would use them for the “light reading” posts while I work on more substantial ones (such as TAR35) or for when I have nothing of particular note to write about (as I get older, my life gets less interesting–probably due to my increased tolerance).
About the posts themselves:
These posts illustrate brief moments of my life in pool and vice versa. They are real moments (to answer one reader’s question of whether this was fiction, biographical fiction, or Real Life). This will be fun for some readers, because those who know me well may recognize the scene, the people in the scene, or both.
I will not tell you who the people in the scenes are.
I will not tell you when these moments took place nor will they be posted in chronological order. The range is 10+ years to last week.
I do look forward to your comments, thoughts, and discussions in the comments section although I will keep my participation to a minimum.
I hope you enjoy this new series. It was named “Instasham” in honor of my cousin, who once mused that she liked Instagram because it made “life look more interesting than it really [was].” (Also, I will try to include a photograph with each post. From Instagram, naturally. :-))



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  1. I liked the change in style… very “novel-esque”… you could write a damn book based on your blog posts in this style…. actually, you SHOULD do just that. I want a signed copy!

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