no, I’m not in there



I’m still around and things are lookin’ up. 🙂

I'm stuck in the ball carriage. Please help.

I expect to be back to full blogging mode next week.

Thanks for reading!

(I do occasionally wonder how many people read this. Anyone want to hazard a guess?)

7 Replies to “no, I’m not in there”

  1. i’m guessing at least 250/post, probably more. but wordpress has the stats widget so u have the precise count. let ur readers know!

    btw, being meaning to ask u, ur blog is not linked to the azb’s “player blogs” page anymore. r u gonna link it again?

    1. When I changed sites, my RSS feed changed also. I’ve sent a few emails to the AZB peeps to update the feed but I guess they don’t have time to do it. For a while, I was trying to use the blog feature on their forums, but it’s limited in what it can do and it reformats all the information I enter. I would basically have to reconstruct each post again. I’m not up for that kind of work so I stopped using their forum blog feature. Maybe they’d rather that I use it, but it’s really too much work.

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