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Welcome my readers in Israel, Mexico, and Spain! 🙂 C’mon, someone get them Antarctic scientists on the map…

dark denim

I have always preferred clean, dark denim jeans over the trendy pre-distressed versions currently plaguing the universe. However, the power of distressed (deliberately frayed, worn, and destroyed) denim is on the rise and it is getting increasingly more and more difficult for me to find good ol’ plain dark jeans.

I am very particular about my jeans and I’ve been on the hunt for over a year for a particular pair to replace my old ones. I found them not too long ago, via eBay, for $39 (cheap for jeans by today’s standards, probably because I’m the only one that likes dark denim). I show them off now with pride in all their dark-indigo glory.

I can’t say I don’t wear faded jeans. I have a few pairs. I prefer those pairs that are very lightly faded, if only because my mom will otherwise ask, “Why are you paying MORE for clothes that are old?” Here is one pair.

These are the exact same model by the same company as my newly-acquired jeans from eBay. The only difference is that these are four years older.

A few more comparison photos. I am amazed myself at how much I’ve worn them in. I won’t toss them, though, since after so many years of wear, they are the most comfortable ones I own.

slideshow : getty villa, malibu

On Saturday, the sun was shining, the skies were blue, and Aralia, her boyfriend Ketel One, and I went to Malibu, home to the Getty Villa. Here are a few things we saw. The descriptions of the photos will precede the photos themselves, in a slight deviation from my normal format.

The entrance to the Getty Villa and a fancy marble drinking fountain.

There were many lovely fountains dispersed throughout the grounds. Here is one of my favorites, home to waterlilies and lil’ goldfishies and framed by papyrus.

The Villa had a long courtyard with a pool and fountains surrounded by gardens, grape arbors, and statuary.

A pomegranate tree, complete with ripening pomegranates.

A grapevine-covered arbor.

The Villa featured elaborately painted ceilings and walls, just as they would have been in ancient times.

For those of you who don’t know, the Greek and Roman statues (marble and bronze) were all intended to have eyes. The white marble statuary you are so familiar with was, at one time, painted in lifelike colors. The eyes are still creepy, no?

Two fountains in a lovely garden.

A closer view of the mosaic step fountain, and the real seashell details that are part of it.

The grounds were populated with many different kinds of plants, not all of which were identified for the visitors. We affectionately refer to these two as Frankenplants One and Two. Frankenplant One on the left has small white flowers growing out of the center of the leaves–reminds us of, oh, say, seeing a person with a finger growing out of his forehead. Eww. Frankenplant Two simply looked aggressive, like an angry salad.

We saw many clumps of this furry-leaved plant, appropriately named “Lambs Ears”.

An inner courtyard with pool, gardens, and statuary.

Interesting light fixture embellished with Medusa’s head.

The villa featured many examples of fine stonework, such as the Marble Room on the left. The entire room was inlaid with various types of stone. A room like this was standard in ancient Greek society as a status symbol. “My room ROCKS. Yours is just carpet. Loser.” The mosaic floor of another room is on the right. Stare at it. It’s cheaper than downing a few shots.

The atrium room with skylight. A cistern would have been located under the skylight to store rainwater. The floor of the atrium also had impressive mosaic patterns.

This is a solid gold cup. It needs no further description other than that it weighs a little over 23 ounces. That’s just under a pound and a half. Of gold.

More bling. Aralia and I were particularly taken with the gold snake bracelet. We contemplated using the dice to win the bracelet in a game of chance with the security guard. The security guard was not amused.

Yet more bling. The pendants on the right are of agate, and feature the microgranulation goldwork of the era. You may have seen this technique in the past few years in contemporary jewelry as there was a resurgence in interest in ancient jewelry.

Glass! Yes, Aralia and I love glass. The bowls on the right are made of glass specifically produced to simulate agate. Even in those ancient times, there was a market for cheaper imitations of expensive items. Fooey Vuitton all the way!

A key made in the shape of a horse’s head. This combination of form and function was another distinguishing feature of items made for the wealthy. It had to be pleasing to the eye as well as practical.

“More Seashell!” A ritual vessel made of marble carved in the form of a spider conch.

Two graceful bronze vessels.

Three large storage jars, highly decorated with etching. The tallest one in the center was easily 32″ in height.

A wall mosaic and a more detailed view. Each tesserae (mosaic tile) was the size of my pinky nail, which is about 1/4″ x 3/8″.

After all this appreciation of ancient art, we needed to rest our arses. The benches and stools scattered throughout the display rooms were very, very nice. They were of dark wood, with contrasting light-wood accents, and upholstered with a webbing of leather. Very minimalist and elegant. I bet they’re expensive as all hell.

An Egyptian-style reflecting pool outside the gift shop. It was good that this reflecting pool was so beautiful and calming, because the gift shop sucked.

This tree was planted all over the villa grounds and gardens. Unlike the rest of the plants on the property, it did not have a placard identifying what it was. Aralia and I were perplexed by it and made a note to research it later. Of course, we completely forgot about it. Then, Ketel One, Aralia’s boyfriend, emailed us the link to its information on Monday. We were impressed. Apparently, the mystery tree was driving him crazy and he couldn’t rest until he tracked it down. We applaud your efforts, Ketel One.

After a long, hard day of being cultured, we needed food.

Of course, it had to be… STEAK.

I save my steak for last, so I can have the benefit of all the seared spices and brown bits from the steaks before.

Yet another perfect Steak for the Single Girl and Her Friend and Her Friend’s Boyfriend.

100 days of pool : 31 days left

Ok, it’s official. My life has reverted to “BORING”.

[67] : Friday, August 3, 2007

agony & ecstasy

I went to the pool hall after dinner to get a few drills in.

The great thing about iPods (in addition to being the first line of defense agains conversations with people I don’t care to talk to at pool halls) is that you can use the playlists as a timer. When I start practicing, I don’t want to have to check my watch every few minutes to see how much table time I’ve run up (it’s pricey out here). I save that behavior for when I’m actually working. The iPod playlist I have stops at 80 minutes, exactly, so I can practice and stop when the fat lady sings.

She stops me from burning a hole in my Table-Time Wallet.

[68] : Saturday, August 4, 2007

I forgot until Aralia reminded me that today was the day we were to go to the Getty Villa (the slideshow of which you have seen above). As a result, I had to change my plans for a long day of pool practice to a short jog down to the closest bar for a few racks of eight-ball. When you’re at a bar, very early, on a Saturday morning, I think the bartenders worry about you. But, really, they have nothing to worry about.

I can stop playing pool any time I want…

[69] : Sunday, August 5, 2007


I had a gambling appointment today with Rapa Nui, which I had set up via the Great Grand Internet. Ah, sweet, sweet technology…

Rapa Nui and I had chosen a pool hall neutral to both of us (some of you may have watched us play). The conditions were slightly less than optimal as we had trouble getting a tight rack (please recover that table–it is in dire need of resuscitation), but overall, the equipment was good, with tight pockets and Simonis.

A few hours later, we broke even.

That is to say, we lost and the house won.

per hour earnings: -$5.00

[70] : Monday, August 6, 2007

Apparently, I am out of shape. Yesterday’s gambling session tired me out. I’m going to have to fix that part of my game. I hit a rack at lunch, then I took a nap. And dreamed of playing pool like a champion. 🙂

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  1. Not that I’m stalking you or have nothing better to do than read this blog, but, I totally have two pairs of the same jeans which beat those for fadedness (and possibly comfort, but we’ll never know…).

    Photographic proof to follow…

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