life can only be understood backwards



mundane moments in a mundane life
...but it must be lived forwards."
I met a boy and we traveled down a road until the inevitable crash and burn. I jumped out of the wreckage and began running, driven by irritation, regret, and the imperative need to forget. My game shot back up to where it had been, and then rolled further.
I won and we got hammered. They dropped me off at home full of spirits and in high spirits. I clattered through the door and woke the Cat.
“Hey,” I said, full of unbalanced elation. “Hey, Cat.”
It took me two-and-a-half tries to unfold a chair. She observed without judgment. I fell into the chair and plopped my face down, nose-to-snout. She regarded me gravely but made no retreat.
“Hey, Cat,” I said again. “Cat. You know what? I want those six months back. They were a waste, a total fucking waste.”
“You don’t get them back.” I was surprised when she spoke. My previous cat had not had a BBC accent. “You don’t always get second chances. Nor should you want them.”
She turned her back on me and went to sleep.
The spirits were gone when I woke, but the past—and the victory—remained.



søren kierkegaard

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  1. My doggie doesn’t have an accent but I often tell the “roommate” inside my head to shut the f*!#! up, but I try to be tactful. I also tell him to stop taking everything personally and that there’s nothing wrong with nothing.

  2. A lot said in such short content.

    Glad you put something else out. I was sick of looking at that sweaty fried chicken everyday. 🙂

    1. I may put the Instashams on a sub-blog of their own, as there are many non-pool Instasham bits I could write as well.

      P.S. I did put the HT10B write up between this and the fried chicken. 😉

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