2010 better not suck


Harro 2010!
new decade, hooray

It’s been about a month since I posted and I will not lie — I enjoyed every second of not blogging. All the same, I’m back in the salt mine known as (somewhat) gainful employment and so, I might as well update this shiznit while I’m swinging the pickaxe.



what’s gone down since last time
yadda yadda yadda

I went to play in the $25,000 Added Turning Stone Classic XIV 9-Ball Open.
Thanks to all of you who supported me in this event.
I went 1-2 and enjoyed every minute of the fight.

I went home to San Francisco afterwards.
Via Greyhound.
That was fun, too.

Critter now has far more friends than I do on Facebook.
I like using his Facebook page as a mini-blog.
The Greyhound odyssey is documented there.

Critter Comics was rather popular!
There are more in the works.
And they will be pool-related.

I’ve been AWOL from the blog, but still on active duty in pool.
I’m planning out the rest of the year (tentatively, of course).
So, bear with the sound of silence on this end for the moment.

Sarah Rousey is on the cover of Billiards Digest!
It’s about damn time.
Congrats, fellow munchkin!

So, what’s up with all of you?
Have a good holiday? Do anything interesting?
I demand amusement.


21 Replies to “2010 better not suck”

  1. Finally. Everybody was getting anxious. More stories, please. Also, I need
    more food pics.

    Welcome back.

    Tony Pak and your Ventura Fan Club

    1. Hi Tony & Ventura! Thanks for the welcome back. Happy New Year to you guys and I’ll see you in a few weeks, no doubt. 😉

  2. man…i fell asleep waiting for new posts…

    and this feels so…anti-climatic.

    omg probably needs warming up. *talk to self* patience, foolio.

    1. It is anti-climactic… but I need to recover from the holidays before I can churn out anything of quality.

      1. hmm…the blog equivalent of a warm-up rack. 😛 perhaps some spa treatment is in order for speedy recovery.

        and i misspelled climactic with climatic! i need to warm up too (hehe, pun intended).

  3. Had not quite the odessy that Critter had, but 1850 miles round trip isn’t too shabby. Had some great food, (sorry no pics), good friends, great family. Look forward to your next post. Have some honorable mentions BTW for top song of the 80’s on Twitter……..


  4. Hey OMG. Seeing as how you refuse to write despite having all that material over the last month i’ll offer this deal. I’ll put you in your local tournament of choice in exchange for a nice long segment (within the next 30 days). you write so good. mlalum

      1. when is it? is there any information on it online? how much? same deal as when i back Bartram – i’m paid back first then 50-50 split. Ok?

        1. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

          I thought you were looking to buy (or expedite) a blog post.

          You thought I was looking for a stakehorse.

          That is a negative on both fronts: you are not looking to buy (or expedite) a blog post nor am I looking for a stakehorse.

          Mr. Bartram does not remember you backing him. Perhaps you could provide details to refresh his memory?

          All the same, thank you for your interest.

          1. i am putting half the money up for Bartram at the fatboy 10 ball tourney in a week or so. you can ask watchez. he made the deal, CB confirmed. so please don’t doubt me i would feel bad. M

            1. sorry for the other miscommunication. when i said i would put you in the tourney i was talking like a backing situation just to make it more interesting. i wasn’t clear enough. is there any other type of deal you might consider to get you to write a new greatest hits level segment? M

              1. No, but thank you for the offer.

                I’ve decided that no amount of money will affect the pace at which I choose to write.

                In the meantime, there are many other blogs that would appreciate your patronage.

              2. No worries. staked in the swanee for a blog segment offer will stay open. feel free to change your mine. otherwise good luck.

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