fundraiser time

I’m not a Girl Scout so I can’t sell cookies. If you would like to support this blog and my pursuit of excellence in billiards, I have offered the following random bits of omgwtSTUFF for your consideration. You may pay instantly with PayPal (be sure to include shipping address) or you may email me if you would like to pay by check or money order.


sleek and elegant

Click photographs for larger view. Model not included with shirt.

TAR Hack

Justin “Six-Foot-Six” Collett of The Action Report modeling a special-order 4XL, the largest size available for this shirt.

embroidered HACK polo shirts




This shirt has it all.

This is, by far, the most popular shirt ever.

Many requested it be made available as a collared shirt so that it could be worn in tournaments. I finally got off my lazy ass and had a few made.

Midweight, black polo shirt with an easy fit. Front of shirt has “HACK” embroidered in white and outlined in deep sky blue. Back of shirt has the blog logo embroidered under the collar in dark grey.

Men’s S, M, L, and XL are the currently available sizes, anything else will have to be special-ordered.


$30, includes shipping within the U.S.


select size



aww yeah

I love tournaments.

road trip


Critter’s Adventures

I always hear the “you should write a book” line. I’m rather lazy and I don’t feel like writing a book, so here’s a compromise.

This book is like my blog, only better, since it is now in tangible, page-turning form with 80 awesome full-color pages! The title pages of the chapters are pictured to the left, with the first image being the cover.


In December, I went to the Turning Stone XIV 9-Ball Classic in Verona, New York.

After the tournament, I took a Greyhound bus back to the west coast for the holidays.

The story of this little adventure (and all the fun photographs that go with it) will only available in this book — I’m not posting it to the blog.

Also included is an updated, improved version of “weight”, the fun little holiday Critter Comic and “on holiday”, a brief but whimisical collection of Critter & Co. photographs.



$20, includes shipping within the U.S.
Orders will be mailed out in about 3 weeks.


Sarcastic Ceramics

How About A Nice Big Cup of STFU is the first in a series of four mugs that will feature Critter and some of my sarcastic sayings.

Critter and his words of wisdom are featured on one side and the almighty Brunswick Centennial 8-Ball on the other. The bottom of the mug is signed and dated.


These are one-of-a-kind OMGWTF artworks for your coffee, whiskey, or mixture of coffee and whiskey. They are handpainted so they will all vary slightly.

I’m not sure what to charge for these mugs so I’m going to ask for some reader input.

For those interested in buying one,
email me what you would pay.

I’ll take the average of all prices suggested for the next week. Send your email by the end of Sunday, February 7, 2010 for it to count.

Keep in mind that each mug takes me at least four hours to paint and I have to make a separate trip to get them fired in a kiln.


Whether you buy something or not, thank you for reading and your support!


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  1. merchandizing merchandizing merchandizing!

    next up: omg the toilet paper, omg the lunch box, and omg the flame thrower. how about the omg ring or some liquid STFU?

      1. ima nonprofit. but since u asked, how about a butcher knife pool cue axe? i’ll attach a laser sight, taser, and flame thrower on it just for u. as soon as ATF gives me a permit to make one, that is. which may be never.

        i do have some liquid STFU but it tastes like scotch. 😛

    1. nice. except it’ll be the psycho harro critter line. with a taser. and the multiple personality bunny finger puppet as the sidekick.

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