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The Food Network has a show called $40 a Day hosted by Rachel Ray who gives you

“countless tips on how you can enjoy gourmet fare on a pauper’s budget no matter where your travels take you.”

This $40 a day budget is when you’re on vacation, because otherwise, that’s $14,600 a year you would spend dining out, or $10,440, if you don’t count the weekends.

When I was a kid, my brother and I did a lot of heavy lifting on vacations. This was because my mom would pack provisions for our annual summer month-long trip to wherever. We carried a ricecooker, rice, canned foods, utensils, etc. The stuff was heavy. The good part was, the luggage got lighter as the trip progressed.


During one of these trips, I caught a fish while wading around in the ocean. It was a pinfish, and I caught it by clapping my hands around it. Bad idea. They are called pinfish for a reason. That sucker stabbed me pretty good with its spines, so I exacted revenge by handing it over to my Asian mom. She used the ricecooker, a jar lid, and those lil packets of soy sauce you get from take-out restaurants to steam it for dinner. Pretty badass, eh? I’ll never forget the sight of a fish being served on a jar lid. Five pairs of chopsticks descended on the fish and when they lifted, there was no more fish.

Food Network, let’s do a series called $40 a Month.

That’d be worth watching.


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Send them on in and I’ll post them, and the answers. Life’s slow at the moment.


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Tonight’s league match was uneventful.

I had one loss to a guy I will name Hairy Garcia. Harry Garcia was one of those guys who had a very unusual bridge. It wasn’t as bad as the “tarantula” or “suspended peace sign” bridge, but it still looked awkward. He looked like he was making shadow puppets.

After my last match, I went outside the bar and watched the rest of my teammates play through the window. The bar owner found me outside and we had this little chat:

“How’d you do tonight?”

“I lost one match. Got lazy. The guy is insanely beatable, but a race to one leaves no room for carelessness.”

“Yep, the one game is tough.”

“It always irks me a bit when the guy that beats me does a victory dance or something and acts like it’s a big accomplishment. So few of these league players understand how big the world of pool is, how many really great players are out there, players that would just break and run ten racks on them before the day has even started.”

“Well, you’ve gotten better, so they do think you’re someone to beat now. Plus, you’re unfriendly.”

“I’m not friendly because I’m here to get a job done. I’m here to win. I’m fine before the game, I’m fine after the game, but during the game — it’s war, and I have no desire to flirt or make inane chitchat.”

“No desire to be popular, eh?”

“This is pool, not a pageant. I’ve been on this team with Jack Daniels, Gibson, and Harley for a long time because they are some of the few people in the league that understand competitive drive, and in particular, MY competitive drive.”

“You know, I hear it all the time from people in league that they really, really want to beat you.”

“Then I’ll practice harder and play better to keep ahead of them all. Gives a whole new meaning to the saying ‘outrunning the nuts’, doesn’t it?”


Jack Daniels was highly amused by this beer coaster.




Thursday, March 6, 2008


I took a break from pool today and filled the void with dessert.

banana cream pie

sorbet... yum...



Friday, March 7, 2008


Tonight, I was invited by the Marquis and the Marchioness to a dinner party at their home, the Château de Ciel.

In addition to the lovely house and gourmet food, there was this little critter:


Meet Hennessy the Doxie. She is a tiny little dachshund with boundless energy and limitless affection.

I wuff you!

This was a semi-formal dinner, as in there was fine china, lit candles, good wine, and all the attendees wore jeans and talked s—. Here is a picture of the handpainted china, which was very pretty.

no bulls in this china shop

Dinner was five courses, including a spectacular salad, cauliflower soup (very, very good), smoked salmon on a warm gratin with capers, steak with peppercorns, and a chocolate souffle. Hennessy was even provided with her own tiny, dachshund-sized steak. She soon found the most comfortable spot in the room — Selyem’s jacket.

hmm... ...I commandeer this jacket in the name of cuteness

The rest of us continued drinking into the evening. I had a few samples of scotch. One of them was Glenlivet and I cannot remember the name of the other, except that it started with a “B”.


After about seven hours of food, wine, scotch, and talking smack, we were all ready to follow Hennessy’s lead and call it a (well-fed, well-watered) night.


My compliments to the chef on his excellent cooking and fine one-pocket game. 😉 And also, my compliments to his wife, who did a fantastic job decorating the house and obviously knows how to delegate the household chores very well. 😉



Saturday, March 8, 2008

la dolce vita

Tonight I went to yet another party, a birthday party for my friend Dolce, who, might I add, doesn’t look a day over 24. Dolce is one of the sweetest people in the world, and many of you know her as such. When some of you wonder how some as cranky and bitter as me can exist, well, it’s because people like Dolce exist, too. The universe is always in balance.

This dinner was at a restaurant. It was a nice restaurant, too, one that probably didn’t appreciate someone taking flash photographs of their entrees, so no photographs of food today, sorry.

Here are some photographs of the corks of the wine that we drank. I’m not a wine expert, but I figured some of you were, and could appreciate them. These corks were all from the red wines. We also had a very nice white wine, but I was not able to swipe the cork for that one.

Happy Birthday, Dolce!

May you have many more happy birthdays in your future filled with good friends, good food, good wine, and hot-ass designer shoes.

make a wish



Sunday, March 9, 2008

life is good

After all that food the past two days, I did nothing but sleep in, and clean house today.



Monday, March 10, 2008

life is good

I went to league today, and the team was a no-show. I think I’m going to have to double-check with my opponents to make sure they have the right schedule. Regardless, I’ll take the win.

I shot some practice games with my teammates and I broke and ran a rack of eight-ball. It’s nice to know I can make a stop-shot now and then, I tells ya.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sleep is nice

I didn’t go to league today, because I don’t have league on Tuesdays for the time being, and it was everything I thought it would be.

I think with all the league pool I play, I have forgotten how it is like to be sane.

Let’s see how long I can stand my own sanity.



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  1. The single malt scotch you’re thinking about is probably Balvenie.

    I was turned onto this and other Scot private labels when I was my sister’s Matron of Honor at her wedding in Edinburgh to a Scot clansman. My sister has lived there since she went onto her quest for her Master’s degree in English Lit at the University of St Andrews in 1973.

    Geez, they have such great stuff that is private and will never, ever be bottled and traded to here. I earned my taste degree over there at her reception, and I turned “My Cueman” onto it as a result.

    Enjoy the Balvenie. At all of its ages, it is “cask strength”.

    Princess Allie Katzenzoomerbabies

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