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As you all know, I’m not much of a blogger to put specifics about my personal life on here. This blog is a good time about food, pool, and life (and its quirkiness) in general.

I try to keep it on that track.

However, today IS April Fools Day. I have decided to do the the ANTI-April Fool’s thing and post something true, serious, and from my personal life. Today, I blog about “cubc” of the AZBilliards forums.

As some of you know, he has been quite vicious in his attacks on my character. I do not need to defend my character because those of you who know me (or not) may judge me as you wish — the opinions of others is not something I may control.

That being said, I received a challenge from cubc on Monday, January 21, 2008, worded as such via AIM:

Ok you said next time you come out here you want to play for a lot of $. I’ll play you 8 ahead for 2,000 or 3,000 and i’ll give you the 7.  I’ll post up.  I wont be nice this time. That’s a standing offer until January 09.  Brad will play some thousand dollar sets too.  So heres your chance to win big or go busted.

You may read my civil response, his less-than-civil response, and the aftermath here in this thread at the forums, starting at lucky post #13.


I have not been idle since that thread has been closed.

I choose to back up what I say with action.

I have worked on getting my stake together, and I am ready to post my $1,000 in no-show money. Cubc has not contacted me, personally, regarding this match at all, but we have enough mutual acquaintances in pool that it would require almost no effort at all on his part to let me know he also has his money ready to post.


Today is a wonderful day, because I received this interesting transcript, copied from the Inside Pool forum chat which was blessed with cubc’s presence:

[Eric.] 9:05 am: KFC, you still gonna follow thru on the OMG challenge you issued?

[runscott] 9:05 am: not me – it’s JB World from now on

[cubc] 9:06 am: i forget when it is eric but yea she has the 7 for life

[cubc] 9:06 am: she’s still a little psycho b*tch.. i should probably just avoid her

[Barbara] 9:06 am: oh, is this the poll she’s doing?

[cubc] 9:06 am: but w/e

[Barbara] 9:06 am: you’re the opponent?

[brooklynjay] 9:06 am: the 7 POR VIDA!

[cubc] 9:06 am: i haven’t looked / read / .. heard.. anything about it

[AndyB] 9:06 am: dang that V8 fusion juice is some good stuff

[runscott] 9:06 am: Cubc – Lisa ad Brian are in charge of drama, so quiet

[Eric.] 9:06 am: I think you guys were gonna play at BCA Vegas in May. You might as her when she gets here

[1pRoscoe] 9:06 am: LOL @ psycho bitch….

[1pRoscoe] 9:07 am: based up what I’ve heard, it’s quite the opposite…

[cubc] 9:07 am: roscoe you dont know the half of it

[cubc] 9:07 am: i had to block her from email

[AndyB] 9:07 am: yeah all this drama and where’s Lisa

[cubc] 9:07: then block her from aim

[runscott] 9:07 am: yes, cubc is a psycho biatch

[cubc] 9:07 am: then block her from my phone

[cubc] 9:07 am: then she goes to my girlfriends myspace

[cubc] 9:07 am: and starts spamming her

[runscott] 9:07 am: He’s even got little sparrow tits, I hear

[1pRoscoe] 9:07 am: hrmmmm…..

[cubc] 9:07 am: you really dont know the half of it but w/e that’s why i avoided this place

[1pRoscoe] 9:07 am: 3 sides to every story….

[Barbara] 9:07 am: do you know for sure it’s her?

[cubc] 9:08 am: yes. we were supposedly friends for about 7 months before she came out here

[cubc] 9:08 am: theres a whole storyline none of yall know

[cubc] 9:08 am: but she has this loving crowd so i just vanished to get out of the bs

Alas, he left the chat about two minutes before I was able to enter and tender my respects.

Anyhow, I love the fact that I Have The 7 For Life From cubc. I think I will have to use this coupon, especially since it is a manufacturer’s coupon, and has no expiration date.

Cubc, I hope you “man” up and cash those checks your mouth wrote. As you know, and as you have told me, I’m nothing but a little Asian girl who plays below average pool on a barbox and doesn’t use side English in adequate amounts. I apologize for being such pitiful competition for you, but I assure you, if you show up in Vegas, you will get played. You may fall asleep from the boredom and lack of effort it takes for you to beat me, but hey, who can say no to free money?

As for his stalking allegations, they are not true.

I had to block him from contacting me because I was not interested in him — and he did not like that. (Apparently, he is God’s gift to women. I did not get that memo.) But, that little tidbit is also for you, the reader, to decide if it is true or not, when you meet us in person. I simply abhor the thought that anyone would think I would be interested in someone as unattractive, both in looks and in personality, as him. Blech.


That’s all folks, and have a great day!


OMG “Psycho Bitch” WTF


P.S. This week will also feature a regular post, which I am working on. I thought you might enjoy this bit of drama in the the interim. Ah, the Internet. What would we do without you? Cheers!

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