only the spoon knows the problems of the pot

listening to
summer camp kids yelling
makes me feel old

starburst candies
they were free…

obsessed with
just kidding, that would take too much energy

M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”
dear “the happening”: please don’t suck. thanks.

Some of my favorite movies are by MNS, but some of his last “twisty” thrillers were less-than-spectacular. (I really liked “Signs”, even though that has been criticized as a fairly weak movie.) That being said, I still have meager hope that this upcoming one, “The Happening”, will be hip-n-happening. I have no idea why they are strongly marketing this movie as MNS first R-rated film. Shouldn’t all good horror movies be R-rated anyways? You shouldn’t take young, impressionable children to psychotwisting gore-fests to make sure they don’t get nightmares — or any crazy ideas. If you do, they turn out like me. So don’t take them.

I kind of look forward to this movie which will be released on — surprise — Friday the 13th. They’ve done a good job on the trailers which are spooky, but don’t seem to give away much information. It seems that some agent, possibly biological (possibly of the mass-destructive variety), is causing people to off themselves. Maybe they all discovered pool, its frustrations, and its prize payouts.

* Update: current buzz says this movie sucks. Damn.

M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” official website.

Another movie I didn’t have time to see was “The Orphanage”, by Guillermo del Toro (same dude who directed “Pandora’s Box”) which was released way back in December 2007. I’m one of those people who sees a commercial or trailer for a movie and goes, “Wow! I wanna see that!” I’ll talk about it and question others endlessly on their thoughts about the movie and speculate on its awesomeness factor for about a week. Then, other stuff like work, laundry, and grudge matches get in the way and I forget about the movie — until I see the “coming soon to DVD!” commercial, at which point I say, “Rats!”

Scary movies are best seen on the big screen, not on my 9″ TV with rabbit ears.

Guillermo del Toro’s “The Orphanage” official website.

Taylor’s Steakhouse
it’s what’s for dinner

Taylor’s Steakhouse
3361 West 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 382-8449

Plans had been made to eat here and we finally did.

I, predictably, got the ribeye steak. Medium-rare. I was pleased to see that Taylor’s knew the only way to improve a fatty steak cooked to perfection is to put a scoop of herbed butter on top. Steak a la mode!

If you read this far, surely you knew what was coming next… Some serious food porn.

So… what’s for dinner? 😉

let’s do another poll

So… I’d like to know, would you say more people say you play too fast in pool or play too slow? I’ve been accused of both, in the same tournament, and I’m just curious to see what everyone else’s experience is.

Do other pool players say you play too fast or play too slow?

You may also discuss this insightful question in the “comments” section of this blog post.

it’s called “wine-tasting”
which translates to “party bus”


This weekend we went on a wine-tasting trip. The scenery of the area was very soothing as it was all green fields and blue sky.

The first winery had very lovely flowers at the front of the building. The little notice under the “OPEN” sign informs you that there are rattlesnakes everywhere…

Lavender, foxgloves, and golden poppies that also came in a red color I had not seen before.

Flavored… salt? These two jars were one of the stranger food offerings sold at the first winery…

Lunch time! Left. My badass sundried-tomato-basil egg salad. It’s a great catalyst for a food coma. Right. He’s sexy, if only because he’s the one making the sandwiches… His identity is protected so his employers won’t know what he does for money on the weekends.

Another lunch guest…

One of the wineries had several pepper trees on the property. Note the clusters of pink pepper berries.

Left. Closeup of the decorative fruit. Right. After the pink papery skin was flaked off, the dried berry looked like a tiny raisin. When bruised, it emitted a refreshing peppery scent.


…and more grapevines…

…and a soothing picture of a grapeleaf. Go ahead and stare at it. It’ll lower your blood pressure. 🙂

sooooothing greeeeen

After the wineries, our inebriated caravan made a stop at Solvang. An interesting tidbit from Wikipedia states:

The population in Asian tourists exceeds the town’s population by several hundreds of thousands. Although Solvang may seem like a Danish village, there are very few Danish people in Solvang.

Nevertheless, the town was still very charming and populated mostly by chocolate shops, bakeries/cafes, and souvenir stores.

Left. The Lord of the Rings… The Butter Ring! There’s just something refreshingly candid about a pastry named “butter ring”, isn’t there? No frills. Just buttah. Right. I love chocolate eclairs. Chocolate + light cake + pastry cream = world peace.

My better half and I stopped at a shop that sold nothing but pickles of every variety. Here are two of the spiciest offerings, chili-stuffed olives and habanero peppers stuffed with olives stuffed with garlic. The latter one sounds like a vegetable turducken.

One of the fine imported food stores… This is just one of FOUR candy shelves.

A long cooler full of cheese and various fish and spreadable fish products.

For dinner, we went to Zaffiro’s, an Italian restaurant whose decor seemed like a mix of Chuck-E-Cheese and Dracula’s castle. This placed sucked. They didn’t drain my pasta before adding sauce, so I ended up with the pasta farce below.

it involves steak, of course

excellent, smithers

After so many grapes, we felt like we had to fortify ourselves with meat. Off we went to visit/surprise/scare old friends…

Lunch was at Lou & Mickey’s in downtown San Diego. This is their ribeye steak, which was quite good. I was more interested in the horseradish mayonnaise. Usually, horseradish is mixed with sour cream, but not in this instance. Mayonnaise on a steak — not a bad thing. Unusual, but not bad at all.

Don’t freak out, I’ll go back to writing about pool soon. Things have been quiet lately for me in the world of green cloth.

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