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A blog that keeps up on who is reading what on the New York subway. Adding the physical description — F, 20s with a blue hat and fire red hair — of the person reading the book is just genius. It’s like a real-life version of stereotyping people by their favorite author.
guess what book I’m reading?
‘Death, Debt, and Divorce’
Sotheby’s $104.3 million sale of the Alberto Giacometti statue Walking Man I this month showed that despite the recession, the art market is far from dead. The CEO of Christie’s on what drives the art market—even in a downturn.
Greg Huglin's awesome surfing dolphins! Dolphins surfing off the coast of South Africa
Photographs by Greg Huglin.

10-picture gallery of exuberance, awesomeness, and pure spiffness.

“Gliding effortlessly through the water these surfing dolphins make light work of monster waves up to 25 feet high.”
Gulp! Gourmet Japanese noodle soup for $100 a bowl
A Japanese restauranteur has turned the nation’s everyday comfort food, ramen or noodle soup, into a pricey, gourmet affair that costs more than $100 and takes three days to fully prepare.
Have athletes done all they can?
Some scientists say so, and that the only way to achieve new performance records is through technology — or cheating.
the story is on pages irritatingly cluttered with advertisements but it’s a good read

Fear the blobfish
With its humanlike face, the blobfish is a creature of nightmares, and who knows what terrors it could bring upon us.
dude, it’s boneless — before filleting
Dog Declares His Love… For A Wild Boar Named Schnitzel
Man is supposed to be a dog’s best friend, but it seems this pup has traded in his master for a hairier model.
cute photographs with the article
Tales of Mere Existence
I recently discovered the short cynical-hilarious films of animator/narrator Levni Yilmaz titled “Tales of Mere Existence” on YouTube. Currently, there are 28 episodes, each about two to four minutes long.
the short film below is named “How I Sit On The Bus”




a few photographs from the Swanee
yawn, I know, but life’s back to being boring

In spite of my Swanee tournament being mildly more interesting than in previous years, I managed to get a photograph or two.

There were many people in attendance with *real* photography equipment (tripods, zoom lenses, camera bodies that probably morph into the T-1000 when no one’s around) that was light-years beyond my little beat-up point-and-shoot. Click on the links below to see the Swanee galleries of the professional lenspeople. (If you are a photographer and would like me to link to your Swanee gallery, send me an email with your gallery address.)

Ashi Fachler |


On the left is some weird old dude WITH A UKULELE. He was walking around Sunday afternoon and seemed somewhat oblivious to the fact that some serious matches were going on. He’d carry around a pint of beer and nonchalantly place it on a table or in a table pocket. Spectators and the room staff had to remind him not to do that. I was just waiting for him to start strumming and break into song. He was about to, but I believe Justin Collett of The Action Report caught him right before he began his jam session. As you may know, Mr. Collett is a big dude and that probably had an effect on stopping Ukulele Guy in his tracks.

On the right are some balls being broken. Whee.

SERIOUSLY stress relief

Jose “Amang” Parica, winner of the Swanee tournament, stretching for a shot.


Some after-tournament one pocket action featuring Brandon Shuff (formerly of Maryland, now of Las Vegas) playing some $100 games with local maestro Richard “One Pocket Rich” Grenier.

That’s all, folks!


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  1. let the guy play his UKULELE, to keep the blobfish away. good gawd. how does natural selection explain that?

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