fa ra ra

listening to
someone practicing on a trombone
at least they’re decent

jasmine tea with honey and cream

obsessed with
playing more pool
lather, rinse, repeat



nothing much
Nothing Muchville, CA


This weekend, I played in a small tournament and played very badly in first round, winning just one game in the entire set.

I spent the rest of the day taking the scenic route until I was in the finals. My opponent was the same person who had so generously handed me my first-round loss. I started off shaky, and then caught a gear. The change in my game was so dramatic that my opponent asked me, “How come you play so good now?”

“I spent all day practicing for this match.”




the next day…
Nothing Muchville Againtown, CA

hee hee hee

A dim sum lunch for four people… total cost: $26.



A sign of fun.

Dr. La’s parents probably meant to name her “Kimberly”, but, you know how Engrish goes. But, a pretty new name is now in existence! I imagine Kimberry to be a very nice, sweet, competent optometrist — not at all like the type of people who would find Engrish amusing.



furry funniness

Printer + Cat = Hilarity

 Camera + Cat = Ninja

6 Replies to “fa ra ra”

  1. “… a small tournament…”?

    The US Amateur championship, preliminary qualifying round for California?

    you are much too modest!
    wait, what am I saying?
    what have you done with OMGWTF?
    is this a new, improved OMGWTF?
    a kinder, gentler OMGWTF?

    is this what they mean “when worlds collide”?

    i am so confused right now…

  2. “I spent all day practicing for this match.” – You really did practice all day…if you weren’t playing, you were practicing on the toughest table in the house. Shoreline is my preferred room, and I was there on Saturday, but I didn’t want to interrupt since you looked quite focused.

    I couldn’t help but notice at least one other fan who did stop you and introduce herself…you’re a little bit of a celebrity, no?

    I must say, however, I was hoping you’d have some sort of experience with one of the resident Shoreline goofballs (oh yes, we’ve got our share) that the rest of us hate. I thought it might produce some rather interesting reading material. I guess that didn’t happen though…quite a nondescript blog entry about “a small tournament”.

    Anyhow, congratulations on the win, it was well deserved. Have fun in Atlanta!

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