unsatisfying like a diet cola

Apologies for not posting lately. Here are a few updates:

I haven’t played pool for a few weeks.
Therefore, no frustration for me, and no entertainment for you.

However, leagues are starting up again.
I usually play in two, both 8-ball. This almost certainly means I’m going to be frustrated and you might be slightly entertained.

I did not go to the U.S. Open.
No acerbic U.S. Open commentary this year… One can only afford to go (and play, when allowed) to so many out-of-state professional events…

It’s almost the end of October and it’s 90 degrees out here today.

That is all for now.

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  1. OMGWTF,

    Love the blog, am a consistant reader of it. Was wondering if Shannon Daulton or Marge has contacted you about maybe coming out east for a few days to check out the big event they’re holding in Fayetteville, NC in mid-November. I know times are tight, but looks like it’s going to be a great event. Would be great to see you there. If not, hope to run into you at one of these events in the future.

    – Dagwoodz on AZ (even though the posting handle is different for my blogger account)

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