so sorry forgiveness please


so sorry forgiveness please
blah blah blah

I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the Super Billiards Expo write-up. The check’s in the mail but it ain’t gonna arrive before next week. In the meantime, please enjoy the following diversionary tactics.



interesting articles & websites
special artistic edition
ordinary items into extraordinary art

Baptiste Debombourg
photograph via Neatorama
French artist recreates an engraving first made in the 16th century. Link up top goes to the artists’ website. For more, and larger, photographs, visit the post at Neatorama.
guess what the artistic medium is…
Jennifer Maestre
photograph via
“A sculptor with a particular fascination for pencils.” Read the article about Jennifer Maestre and see more photographs of her sculptures at or click the link up top to go to her website. She also sells colored pencil jewelry as well.
colorful & cool
Brian Rea
photograph via
Brian Rea illustrates your fears. Read about and see more of his mural of fears at, click the link up top for his website.
I’m sure he has “choking” on the money ball in there somewhere.
photograph from Peter Callesen's website Peter Callesen
You’ve probably seen his amazing paper artworks in various chain emails.

A4 Papercut

Large Scale Papercut

Framed A4 Papercut

Large Framed Papercut

umm… I can make a snowflake…
The White Mountain
Beautiful time-lapse film of the starry night sky in Hawaii set to music.
it’s been posted to Critter’s page but it’s worth posting here again, too
1 minute : 18 seconds

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  1. Hey there!

    the first one to leave a response,
    what an honor 🙂

    Can you explain please what’s the super billiard expo write up?
    sounds interesting!

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Just wondering… I appreciate all the interesting articles and websites you post… just when do you have time to find all these? Makes me wonder all you do is I-surf at work? hehehe

  3. Hawaii video cool. Like the music as the earth rotates. Kind of compliments the visual perspective. Reminded me of x-files

    The fear bubbles art thing is cool too, first two things that popped out in his work were “strokes” and “choking”, which are not that far apart from each other in his organization, which must mean the guy shoots right?

    Got the mug, thank you! One fear at a time…

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