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Yeah, I’m working on crap. There will be a post later this week. In the meantime, you can read an interview p00lriah did of me a week ago.

all about . . . omgwtf

Taking my inspiration from p00lriah, if you have any other questions about me, my blog, pool, life, food, bunny rabbits, kitty cats, mixed drinks, or steak, send them in and I’ll answer if I feel like it.



refresher course
in case you just can’t get enough
or would rather have less
of your favorite antisocialite

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feast for the eyes YouTube
If pictures are worth 1,000 words then videos are worth at least a million. This is still fairly new. I hope to add more videos as I attend more events.

2 Replies to “grist for the mill”

  1. …send them in and I’ll answer if I feel like it.


    btw, nice videos! was that done on iphone or camcorder?

    1. I generally answer all appropriate questions, as people know from my previous Q&A stuffs.

      The videos were done on my digital camera, actually. Not bad at all. Now that I know how to record and upload, I will try to get at least one or two videos for each major event.

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