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stuff that has recently made me happy
it’s officially summer, by the way

we all could use a lil luck

Billiards & Internet: Ask The Cuemaker
There’s a wide variety of billiards-related forums to choose from and I like to frequent them all. I’m not much of an equipment fanatic, but I’ve learned a lot about the art and engineering of cues by reading Ask The Cuemaker threads by forum member Jimbo. These are Q&A sessions for custom cuemakers. Happy reading!


Bill Stroud of Josswest

Barry Cameron

Dan Janes of Joss Cues

Murray “The Magnificent” Tucker III

Jack Justis (Ask The Casemaker)

Thomas Wayne

Kenny Murrell

John Showman

Mike Webb

Jerry McWorter

Eric Crisp

Books: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
It’s a great book. I haven’t read it in a while, but I was reminded of it recently by two people, and I feel I must pass on this literary magnificence to you. It is about how restaurants are really run and the characters that inhabit them. If you like my blog, you would love this book.

Food: Triscuits & Cheese Singles
I love how they are a match made in heaven. Just look how perfectly they complement each other.



1 cheese single + 4 Triscuits = perfect equation.

Food: Steak & Butter
This steak is actually done more on the medium side (I really wish it was more rare) but it was still tasty. The lake of herbed butter it sat in helped.

still good



life gets in the way
I’m too busy with work at the moment to play pool…

…so how about you tell me about you?

Tell me what you do for a living in the comments section. I’m just curious to see who reads my blog. For those international men and women of mystery, there is, of course, an option to comment anonymously.



what is the state of the union
for pool & billiards of course… nothing else matters…

There have been rumblings on the internet about the crappiness of recent professional events — both on the women’s side and the men’s side (and some more on the men’s side). So, I ask you:

How should a legitimate billiards World Championship fill its field?

Assume that all other aspects of the event, equipment, promoters, sanctioning organizations, location, etc., are top-notch. The set up for the party is ideal. Now how do we get this party started?

As always, leave your views for further discussion in the comments section or email me if you are shy about leaving anonymous rants.


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  1. Different strokes for different folks, Quilt+Bitch…GJ answering the question of the day, btw.

    To answer your question though, outside of pool, I've been military for 10+ years. On the downward side of the hill now though. I can actually start to see that light at the end of the tunnel! And the entire, "Work is getting in the way" issue…yeah, dealing with that myself. Eh, it'll clear up eventually.


  2. Joshua,

    Didn't think it was necessary to answer the "Question of the day" because OMG already knows what I do for a living, and I didn't care to share it with the world.


  3. Greek greetings !!

    I ve been following your blog for the last 5-6 months and I am getting more and more addicted.. This may be explained by the fact that in the same period I am getting more and more bored with my work (so I have time during work to check your blog). And of course the fact that you appear to be a remarkable person with a fascinating writing style.

    The – boring – job is fishy. I work for an aquaculture company and I mostly run fish nutrition and farming management projects.

    Since you like eating and cooking(?) you should try Greek farmed seabass and seabream. Lightly grilled and then a splash of olive oil and maybe lemon.I know we are selling to fishmongers in NY and Washington but I don't know where are the fish distributed within the US.

    I would gladly sent you some fillets to try but I fear the postal services will not share my enthousiasm for the spreading of the Mediterranean gastronomical experience…

    Keep the inspiration coming ..

    Γειά σου


  4. I've been following your blog since the Hedge Hog story was posted on AZ.

    I'm an Electromagnetic Engineer that tests electronic prototypes and remakes for automotive manufactures and our Military branches.

  5. Baker of Cheesecakes & Maker of Quilts
    I am putting together an ambitious pool schedule for the summer on an increasingly shrinking budget (the economy has bitchslapped my workplace as well) so I've reverted to the menu of my college days (which is very similar to my kindergarten menu — PB&J anyone?).

    Thanks for serving our country! Long ago I was offered admission to The Citadel and I've often wondered what I would have become if I'd taken that path. I probably wouldn't have become a pool player, though, since I got into that via the college I did end up going to. 🙂

    Wow, the tentacles of this blog have reached all the way to Greece! I will definitely look for the seabass and seabream and try it the way you have suggested. I've been reading about aquaculture lately (more pertaining to shrimp culture) and I'm glad I don't have to feel so guilty about eating so much because of these efforts at sustainability. Onward to the buffet!

    Ah yes, the magnificent Hedgehog stories. Hedgehog is still scurrying around these here parts and I am still waiting for him to give me the 8 for $500 a set. I have a lot of patience, though. He may become a source of retirement income for me — when I am of retirement age, of course.

  6. And just to be fair…

    I work as an office manager in a marketing & media office. It's pretty boring work, involving much pushing of paper and bureaucratic ridiculousness.

    There are things that keep you alive (work) and then there are reasons to live (pool).

  7. Been lovin' the blog for the last few months. It's a great insight into the world of pool in America.

    Also, I'm currently a computing student at the University of Abertay in Scotland.

  8. I think whenever you invite anybody, even if they are a previous world champion, it's impossible to have a pure "World Championship". Qualifier only please!

    As far who/what:
    I'm an IT guy. I can do software, databases, administration, business process analysis/improvement/automation, pretty much dabble in everything and focus on a few main things (, sql server, tech support). I'm 48 days from my date of separation. Been in the Air Force for 6 years!

    Moving to Seattle in 18 days and never looking back 🙂

    Golden Fleece, here I come!

  9. AlMightyBob
    Scotland? Land of Robert Burns and cairngorm? Awwwesome! I had no idea my blog had spread to that much of the world. That's super-spiffy! Enjoy your time as a student… I know I did… spent most of it at the pool tables… 😉

    Congratulations on your impending move to Seattle. The seafood there is fabulous. A warm hello to Mrs. Zack and mini-Zack as well!

    A qualifier-only World Championships would be awesome to see — I can only imagine how many dark horses would come out of their secret pastures if the purse was rich enough. 🙂

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