cellophane flowers of yellow & green

random creativity

Here is some plastic canvas.

Here is some yarn, some felt, and a needle. Not pictured, but also used: paperclips and glue.

A few bus rides and two World Cup soccer matches later… tada! A box of mysteries. (Kudos if you know where this box is from. 😉 )

It’s great for storing tiny heirloom tomatoes.

Or for playing hide and seek.

That’s all the randomness for now, more to follow later.


10 Replies to “cellophane flowers of yellow & green”

    1. Awesome that you know. 🙂 The SMB theme song was my ringtone for many, many years.

  1. Never saw OMGWTF in Super Mario Bros when I got my big-Mario-shrooms! The box is ill though. APA 8-ball marker? Spare cue ball container?

    1. I will make a box that will be the perfect size for an APA 8-Ball marker. Wait and see… 😉

  2. Where ever did you find that persimmon with a proboscis. Reminds me of Jimmy Durante….but you’re too young to remember him.

    Over on the AZ Forum, there is a thread wondering if Borana has agreed to play you again in NY.

    Just sayin.

    1. Jimmy Durante sings “As Time Goes By”. 🙂 If you’re looking for a persimmon with a proboscis, you should look for Q*Bert!

      I’m sure Borana will play me again. How could one say no to free money? 😉

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