winner winner chicken dinner


the winning number was lucky ol’ 13
congratulations to Billiard Traveler

next free raffle will be in one or two weeks

The rest of the Vegas write-up is almost done, so you’ll have more than just boring ol’ text and raffles to amuse you this week!


in other news of the world

Scott Medeiros has responded to my last post.

As you know, I publish all comments left on this blog whether they be complimentary, derogatory, or neither, as long as they use appropriate language (occasionally, swearing is allowed) and are not spam. If your comments don’t appear initially, they’re probably caught in the spam filter and will have to wait until I bail them out — and I do apologize if it takes a while. In the entire history of this blog (which is all of five-ish years) and its 1,000+ comments, I’ve only had to delete one comment because of really bad language.

In the interest of fairness, here are his rebuttals, which are entitled to the larger stage of a post and not just the orchestra pit of the comments section (click here for an accompanying soundtrack):

Seems the great crocodile tear melinda left out alot of facts if pool doesn’t work out which im sure it wont director in hollywood should be a great backup.Im not gonna get into all the mistruths in this story but it was entertaining. I nevr had a 20 ball lead was close the whole match, I never 1 time raised my voice to the great 1, only the idiot behind us that never had anything to do with the match. also we were next to teh table I think someone from the apa would have come over if it was that bad. # times she didnt mark a point she broke I made a ball played a safe and had no points when I returned. I was nice when I asked her to mark the points and accepted her apology 5 times and she wouldnt drop it. Then she started crocodile tears to sway the crowd and was sayin the guy in the first match was callin me a cheater to for not markin point guess it was an accident again. Also, the 1am match I saw her play from 3 tables over and not mark points for that player either guess she won alot of money the lil angel who cheated evry1 out of money and point but i guess she just makes alot of mistakes. Good luck in your pool career should get far I might get mad and be loud but I dont cheat.

P.S. If you have so much time with a pen and a paper to write stuff down maybe you should learn how to keep score.


1 more thing im glad you ride 38 miles to pool and everyone else keeps score for you so you can leave early seems like your not to selfish and don’t only think about yourself OHHHHHH WAIITTTTTTTTT I forgot your cute little melinda has everyone wrapped around your finger. I would put your last name down but I don’t care what it is LOL Funny thing is like I said earlier you wouldnt drop it then and a month Later your still writing blogs GET A LIFE


not gonna argue shes shown her character all I know is what ive seen and what many other have told me about her . I forgot about it the second it was over and never yelled at her 1 time asked her to keep score correct she apologized and i said no problem then she started crying sayin the first guy she played said the same thing so I go but what she said what i saw and witnessed again in a future match. I also never had a big lead took the first game 8-2 and the seconds game she took 7-3 so the facts she says and remembers are a lil twisted and calling ppl names like concaved ankles and whatever eye thing she said shows her character to everyone who reads this. good luck and good bye

Anyways, there you go. No sentence-by-sentence response from me this time, partly because it’d be too tedious and I don’t even know where the sentences end. I think he may have been on a phone typing instead of a computer. That may be why his response is formatted in its time-saving manner with textspeak and no punctuation. Also, the rest of the write-up will address some of his questions/statements/rantings. As expected, our versions don’t corroborate at all, but that is usually the case with controversy. There are three sides to every story and you may all believe what you like.

I must take a moment to say I like the fact he said I had everyone wrapped around my little finger. I’ve spent most of my life in pool being unpopular and I can think of no greater compliment than to have someone who dislikes me so much tell the world I am now a popular person.

If Scott Medeiros bestows a compliment, then surely it must be true. 🙂


18 Replies to “winner winner chicken dinner”

  1. “I never 1 time raised my voice to the great 1, only the idiot behind us that never had anything to do with the match.”

    “Good luck in your pool career should get far I might get mad and be loud but I dont cheat.”

    I love when people contradict themselves. It makes what they write that much more credible.

  2. I googled Scott Medeiros. The 7th result was about some psycho who murdered two people and then shot himself (sadly it wasn’t him… the shooting-self part anyway). The 9th result is for your blog 🙂 Anybody that searches for him now will get your blog as one of the first-page results. Unintended, yet seriously poetic, justice.

    1. Wow, had no idea the results were that high up!

      I did an ego surf… Apparently, I’m a successful doctor and/or a good collegiate track and field athlete. Spiff.

  3. Wait a minute….how can we be sure that thirteen is the right number? I mean we’ve all heard about you and keeping count and stuff…you say thirteen, but I think you miscounted….its got to be more, oh, say, like 42?

    Actually, I am saddened that Scott M. has drawn attention away from the newsworthy part of this post: Congrats Billiard Traveler on winning an OMGWTF original handicraft.

    1. I am notoriously bad at math… 😉

      Re: El Scottster, you are correct… let’s amend that, at least a little.

  4. I’m beside myself with joy! Looks like I’ll be receiving it Friday, which is perfect because out of the previous 3 weeks and the next 4 weeks it’s the only time when I’ll actually be ‘home’ to pick it up!
    Now I have to decide if I lock it up for my future home’s pool memorabilia showcase of awesome or if I take it with me on my adventures…

    1. Take it with you — I can always make another one if it gets eaten by bears or kidnapped by gangsters. 🙂

  5. Just a FYI… Just on the (hopefully) completely off chance this ever comes up again, the best way to make sure APA 9 ball score is correct is to double check after a game is played to make sure the number of points matches the number of games played… ie. 5 games played 50 points total between both players. To Scott Medeiros… In APA both players are responsible for making sure the score is correct.

  6. @julieg I was going to say the same thing. APA 9 ball scoring can easily cause arguments, especially when the players are putting their focus into the match. A separate scorekeeper helps. The best way to prevent misunderstandings is for each player to check every time they come to the score sheet, then again when they leave the score sheet. It is so important to catch mistakes as soon as possible, otherwise chaos might result. On those number lines on the top and bottom, I begin with backward slashes for the 10 points of the first rack. When the 2nd rack begins, I switch to forward slashes. I use vertical slashes when one player makes some balls but the other player does not. In the boxes, I put the running subtotals — making absolutely sure both players agree after every rack. YouTube user “apaleagues” has video on 9 ball score keeping that all APA 9 players should see, video id is K-shuWUHS1g.

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