L.A. County Fair

In honor of September 11, there will be no ridiculous humour today.

Cheers to all the heroes.
A moment of silence for all those who died or suffered.
A big F*** YOU to Osama & Co.

My friend and I went to the Los Angeles County Fair over the weekend. Here is a very short summary of our trip. The pictures were from my semi-crappy camera-phone, so apologies for the poor resolution.

Here we have the standard Deep Fried Twinkie.

How refreshing, a deep-fried California item (is that possible?), the Deep-Fried Avocado. With tomato.

One of The Sandwiches of Legend. The Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich with Honey. Although not deep-fried, it’s still quite impressive.

A bunch of grapes.

There was a large grapevine that had been cultivated into an arbor. The grapes themselves were tiny—the largest was about a half-inch long.

I’m not sure if we were allowed to eat them, but I ate a few and they were yummy.


The resolution of this picture sucks, but this is a photo of a giant wild beehive (minus the bees) they had on display at the Honey House.

The layers are sheets of honeycomb.

The whole thing was about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Scary!

There were, of course, lots and lots of aminals at the fair.

Here is half of a sweater. On feet.

Many of the sheep were used in shearing demonstrations.

This little guy is half-shorn after the morning demonstration. The afternoon demonstration will take the other half of fuzziness.

Cool hairdo, no? Kind of punkish!

A mother goat takes a nap, using one of her twin babies as a pillow.

Too damn cute.

Watusi cattle from Africa.

Those are some crazy-ass horns

Arts & Crafts

These women were hand-spinning the wool into yarn and knitting them into hats, scarves, and gloves.

Although we do not have photos, the craft items we saw entered for competition were pretty awesome.

We realized after seeing them that, it was true, we lack talent.

The Reason to Live

This is El Funnel Cake con Strawberries y Whipped Cream.

The reddish glow is from the neon lights of the store’s sign, not because El Funnel Cake’s inherent evil is showing.

Or is it?

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