told you so


[h]air barrels totally the newest trend

ABC News article “Deadbeat Gamblers Stiff Casinos: More Americans Appear to Be Welshing on Their Gambling Debts” covers the (ironic?) trend of highrollers refusing to pay their losses.

Should have made ’em post!

Tee hee.


the power of cookies

We thought about sobriety this week. It’s really the thought that counts, right?

  • work was totally craptastic so I looked forward to league
  • we started with a dozen cookies and hot tea
  • sobriety was refreshing
  • for about five minutes

just another day for you and me in paradise seriously serious about her beer

  • we won a match rather quickly
  • the other team complained loudly about sandbagging
  • you may have noticed food always makes an appearance
  • this week grubbage was from Clearman’s

would you like some salad with your dressing antioxidants galore

Left. Boring old iceberg lettuce liberally drenched with a highly addictive blue cheese dressing.
Right. Red cabbage coleslaw (which I happen to love).

one slice will burn for days

Pièce de résistance. It’s simply called “Cheese Bread” on the menu. A slice of sourdough slathered with a cheese-and-butter spread (not sure what kind of cheese, not sure what proportions — but, who cares?) that will keep heart surgeons in business for centuries to come.

  • the other team proudly told me I would be playing their best sandbagger
  • okay
  • I lost and that sucked
  • we did not complain about sandbagging
  • Ceviche Man unintentionally sharked me several times during the match with his deliveries and wavings of a fluorescent green towel
  • I unintentionally managed not to go ballistic on him
  • he gave my teammate extra food by way of apology
  • we won a match
  • we won a match
  • I successfully coached two teammates on game-winning shots
  • this made me strangely happy
  • a teammate gave me soju mixed with Snapple
  • whee!
  • we lost a match
  • aww
  • the guy from a few weeks back who wanted to gamble stopped by
  • he said hello to each of my teammates in turn
  • he got to the end of the line and I said, “Ready to play?”
  • he said, “Oh s—! Uh, not tonight.”
  • of course I replied, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!”


[on the bus]
[fun bits of conversation from my commute]

  • “Does the farebox take pennies?”
    “S—, it’ll take blood if that’s all you got.”


  • “Is that a knife?”
    “Why do you have a knife?”
    “It’s good to have.”
    “Why not carry mace?”
    “Better results with the knife.”



  • one number left in the Tsunami Relief Raffle (#34) and the drawing is this Friday
  • if you have a Twitter account, consider following my Twitter feed at as I’ll be going to a major tournament in the near future and I will be posting updates on matches and scores (as long as I’m not still playing) as well as random commentary and observations (entertainment value not guaranteed)
  • bullet points are fun


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  1. Sweet studio ghibli schwag u always seem to be sporting. u making the trip in late April for singles nationals? If u are pm me on az to remind me and I’ll bring you some film cells from spirited away a friend scored for me from the ghibli museum in tokyo.

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