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making billiards the norm

I believe one of the best ways to expand the wonderful world of billiards is to introduce it to the mainstream public. The audience of most billiards blogs (including this one) is composed almost exclusively of other billiard players. Recently, I was given the opportunity to write a guest post for Manolo’s Shoe Blog, one of the first and most popular fashion blogs.

omgwtf, is the pseudonym of a vibrant, shoe-loving young woman for whom billiards is a heart-wrenching, disposable-income-sucking, life-or-death-giving, super-fantastic “weekend hobby”.


yes that's me
High Heels and Billiards: A Personal Journey
read it at Manolo’s Shoe Blog


If you’ve ever wondered how I ended up playing in high heels, click on over to the article to find out.


7 Replies to “marching ever onward”

  1. The most powerful punches start with the toes… maybe that’s where your break comes from 😉

  2. I met Mona Remedios the other day, and she was relating a story of how she would change shoes in the middle of a match, as each type of shoe would affect her stroke. It was pretty humorous.

  3. I’m a little taller than you, but have always had to be careful when I break from the side. I’ve had a callus on the side of the knuckle and then torn it off breaking. You look way better in your heels than I ever could. I’ll have to stick to my Tennie’s

    1. But… But… How would you know you wouldn’t look good in heels… if you don’t try them on? Hehehehe! 😀

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