magical salt


monday agenda

Dear Noah,

We could have sworn you said the ark wasn’t leaving till 5.




| R E A D |

yes, this is an acceptable first date bouquet   9 Acts of Vigilantism Straight Out of a Comic Book
<insert innocent whistling here>
Bacon Roses
I think I may have to try this when tournament season winds down…
Could a marathon ever be run in under two hours?
Not by me, I’m too lazy. But you go run on wit’ yo’ athletic self!
Paying their respects outside funeral home
“A drive-thru in Compton with a glass-encased chamber for the coffin offers convenience to mourners.”

| W A T C H |

absolutely gorgeous time-lapse videos by Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo in HD… but I couldn’t get the Vimeo to embed in this blog so YouTube will have to suffice…

The Aurora

The Mountain


I, for one, welcome our ramen overlords

FWC and I went on a ramen road trip yet again.

just a snack

Broth was very, very rich.

ramen is for closers

Rice bowl with salmon eggs garnished with seaweed. The salmon eggs were TOP quality — fresh, not frozen, with a crunchy texture and bursting with happiness.

favoritey favoritey fave. seriously serious serious about that

Also included were a shoyu egg (egg cooked in soy sauce) and a tiny (slightly smaller than a penny) salted plum, which is a traditional ramen garnish. There was enough salt in that plum to dehydrate many millions of snails. Not that I did that…

cholesterol & salt goes together like me and handshake snubs super secret salt bomb

I enjoyed my slightly-less-than pooltacular weekend. I was an almost normal person doing normal things like laundry, dishes, and releasing spiders into my annoying neighbor’s bathroom. I was almost hit by a BMW on Saturday which I took it as an indication I was moving on up in the world (I’m too good for trucks, you know). I found out local sales tax here was raised to 10.75 percent, which is almost riot-worthy. Also, I had two pants hemmed and one pair of shoes resoled (“What did you do to these boots?!” “I walked in them.” “To China?!” “No. That would require a kayak, according to Google Maps.”) My refrigerator is filled with Japanese beer, German beer, Coca Cola, eight bottles of salad dressings (5 of them different) and one wedge of Maytag Blue Cheese. Fat. Brunette. Angry face. Bwahahaha!


10 Replies to “magical salt”

    1. very true… why aren’t all these corporations beating down my door to ask me to rep their products?! 🙂

  1. well old pal, you did it again. you managed to make me hungry after i already ate dinner. grrrr. oh well. even though i dont have a ramen shop nearby the local chinese place delivers a lil late.
    so i’ll be gorging on some steamed dumplings in about half an hour along with 40$ worth of assorted other gastronomical delights.
    no pool here either for about 2 weeks now. feel like im detoxing….

  2. That was not me who tried to hit you. I have solid alibi over the weekend .. ask Ernesto about short, fat Asian guy who was stalking him!

    Are you going back to same Ramen shop or trying different ones? That stuff you are eating can’t be so cheap (like top ramen at home) so you must be high-so.

  3. Those are some really nice close up pics. You must have a new camera. What is it for my wife would like to take close ups as well.

    Carry on…:-)

    1. Same camera I’ve had for last couple of years. Pictures look better this week because last week’s pictures were taken by camera phone. 🙂

      It’s a Canon PowerShot SD750. Not sure if it’s still made, though. My previous camera (which I lost) was a Canon PowerShot 630.

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