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On a rainy evening in March, a random douchebag decided groping me not once, but twice, while laughing the whole while would be a good idea.
My brand-new Nike Air Max shoes and my decades-old hatred of men who treat women like shit (seasoned with a little speed and strength) thought otherwise.
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“the world we live in”

I met with the prosecutor yesterday and this is what I was told (along with my thoughts at the time):


They [prosecution and defense] want to settle this outside of court.
How about no.
A court case would take about 3-4 days.
I got time.
They want to spare me the trauma of reliving the ordeal.
Ah yes. The trauma. 🙂
I would save taxpayers $40,000!
I pay taxes. Time to spend some of it, don’t you think?
The deal: he gets one year probation and will be required to go to mandatory counseling for his “disorder”.
Did not know counseling would help Head-In-Ass-itis. I know some other people who could use the same counseling.
If we go to court, it is likely he will be convicted…
…but the judge will give him the |EXACT| same thing offered right now (probation and counseling)…
…because, to be honest, there isn’t enough jail space to accomodate him.
So, do us a favor, and agree to the deal, because if you go to court, it’ll be the same thing.
Ugh. Fine.


The rest of the conversation:

He is getting off light because he had no priors. *IF* he is the serial groper that has been reported (the guy was never caught or identified as he successfully ran away every time), at the very least, this should (hopefully) deter him from continuing his antics. If he DOES pull this shit again, then at least his permanent record will show he has done it before.

Thank you for your courageous act which may have saved many women from going through the same experience. I’m sorry there isn’t more we can do, but this is the world we live in. Have a nice day.


. . . . .

I did not expect anything different than what went down. Hotel California is booked full and this guy will get a slap on the wrist. There was no damage to my person in this incident and so, it’s not serious compared to the other kinds of crime going on. This asstard lives near where I live. If I run into him again and he tries something stupid, I will have no problems throwing self-control to the wind and taking out every single loss I’ve ever had in pool on him.

Should that day ever arrive, it will be a nice day.


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  1. I guess you can only hope his ‘treatment’ helps, and in the very least you were able to imprint your knuckles in face area and take him down. I would like to think an onlooker(or blog reader)will be inspired to also stand up for him/herself in one of there own lives. life’s too short to be a victim too much of the time.

  2. is this what they mean by justice is blind?

    maybe it’s time you put up some pics of the ashhole just in case.

    1. You’re innocent until proven guilty. He’s guilty of groping me, but not guilty of being the serial groper. If he does do it again, then evidence will be against him and hopefully he’ll be punished accordingly. I’m only sad that if he is the serial groper, someone else will have to suffer, just to make sure. He will also have to be caught after the second incident in order to be punished. If he tries that shit again, I hope his target also runs very fast and delivers a hard punch.

      If, by whatever nano-micro-infinitesimal chance he happens to pull that shit on me again — well, that’ll be an interesting day.

  3. Too bad. I was looking forward to the scumbag spending his golden years in “the slammer”, where the “serial groping” would be the least of his troubles.

  4. This news has ruined my day. The probation should scare him straight. The counseling is going to suck for him.

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