9-Ball Junkie – WPBA Nationals, Lincoln City

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they’re super-sparkly

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they just revamped the website; the store will be fully stocked in two weeks and prices are awesome!

For those of you who actually read all of the posts I toss on here, you are probably smugly satisfied after Monday’s little bit of paint. That is because Tillamook is just 41 Rain-Slicked, High-Speed-SO-NOT-Recommended miles from Lincoln City.

What’s in Lincoln City, Or-Re-Gone? Not much. They have several cozy restaurants serving all manners of unlucky fishy things that look identical after being dipped in batter and thoroughly drowned in hot, sizzling fat (“Scallop or squid? Clam or driftwood? Roadkill perhaps? Only one way to find out… Damn! It’s gravel!”), some glassblowing studios (“So… what happens to that lovely bit of molten glass when you cough? Have you ever accidentally sucked in? How many have you broken? And you’re still employed? Whoa! Be careful with that! You could seriously hurt someone!”), and, of course, their pride and joy, the Chinook Winds Casino and Convent Center. (When I got there, some sections of the neon sign were out–it’s supposed to be Convention Center, still, it is strangely appropriate. No one’s gettin’ lucky in thar, I tell ya mateys, NO ONE. Arrr!)

That’s right pool junkies, I was at the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) Nationals.

I apologize, yet again, for the lack of photos.

I actually had a camera this time, but couldn’t figure out how to turn off the little red-eye light and was thus soundly berated by the tournament staff. I think the tournament directors would do better drawing and quartering that freak of a man with his huge camera whose shutter sounded like a maelstrom of winged terrors every time he took a photo. And yes, he practically fell over the railing every time there was a sensitive moment in the match. (You’ve got a zoom lens on that behemoth–stay in the stands and use it!) Nothing like the sound of a few million bats flitting about your head every time you have to make a five-rail kick to get out of Three-Foul Jail, is there? Sir, for your gallantry, I hereby present you with the Most Self-Absorbed & Clueless Award, a.k.a, The Jackass Award.

If anyone has photos of the players in the outfits I am describing, please do forward them on to me, and I will include them as well as credit you. Gracias!

Oh, and as a future warning to travelers, Oregon is a Blue State. I’m not referring to politics, I’m referring to soda. It’s a Pepsi-only kind of joint, no Coca-Cola. Boo.

All in all, it was a very fun and fashionable tournament. I know some men, upon reading this are going to cry “FOUL!” because I am comparatively mild in this review. Two answers: 1). men provide a much higher quality of fodder, and 2). “Hell hath no fury…” you get the picture. I am in the business of self-preservation, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Cheers, darlings!


Monica “The Assassin” Webb [USA – 9th, $2,400], I love your tournament wear. Specifically, I very much enjoyed your outfit composed of dark pants, white tuxedo-style shirt, and grey tweed jacket (I have had a lifelong love affair with Tweed). Currently, tuxedo shirts are a popular trend for women, but they are usually overdone with frills to the point where I want to slap a George Washington wig on the wearer and ask them to fetch my coach-and-six in breeches and stockings. Your shirt had wonderfully subtle pintucking suggesting its tuxedo heritage without going left-field crazy-aunt frou-frou. Your cheerful pixie-ish haircut with highlights perfectly set off your outfit. J. Crew would be proud to sponsor you, and I would happily go bust trying to copy your outfits. I would also happily go insane trying to copy your charming Southern accent.

Val Finnie [SCO – 5th, $3,300], you had the best shirt of the tournament. I am referring to the striped shirt you wore on Friday. The bold purples (fall’s Color Of The Moment) and variegated stripes contrasted nicely with the bright white cuffs and collar. Furthermore, your sleek bob in glossy Light-Sucking Black was the ideal haircut for that shirt. Why? Because it provided excellent contrast for the collar without interfering with its clean lines and crispness. Longer, loose hair would hide the collar, and if one wore a bun or ponytail with said shirt–well–Tragically Hip Librarian comes to mind. Congratulations, also, for achieving Touring Pro status with this tournament.

Speaking of perfect hair, I have a most serious case of Hair Envy in regards to Jennifer “9mm” Barretta’s [USA – 17th, $1,700] flawless coif. I am obsessed with stick straight I-Am-A-Model-And-You-Are-Who style of hair, and Ms. Barretta’s is EXACTLY what I will be requesting in my next life (provided I don’t burn in hell for eternity). Ms. Barretta, your hair is perfectly parted, with lovely depth of color (light caramel blonde on top, deepening to espresso below), and your ponytail never has any stray hairs or awkward bumps. I’ve attempted to achieve The Perfect Ponytail before, and come to the conclusion that I could best accomplish that by 1). remove head, 2). style, 3). reattach head, making sure face is facing forward. In addition, you are the fittest pregnant woman I have ever seen. There is absolutely no excess weight on you whatsoever. Also, you get bonus points for patiently explaining to a random guy what the APA (American Poolplayers Association) was (“They have handicapped 8-ball and 9-ball leagues for amateurs.”) and why you didn’t play in it (“I am a professional. Professionals are not allowed in the APA.”). You get more points for answering his question, “Are you in this book?” as he waved the WPBA Program at you. “Yes,” you said. “Why?” he counters. “Because,” you said, “I am a Touring Pro.” All this with a smile, too!

And, finally, I have noticed the trend of argyle, especially with the Players From Across The Pond. (Some people do not like the imports, but I, for one, welcome our overseas overlords. They come bearing Argyle and Tweed.) I like this trend. I see argyle sweaters worn over dress shirts as a great way to add touches of color to the current menswear trend for women. Those I have noticed in nice argyle at this tournament include Kim “The Cooler” Shaw [GBR – 17th, $1,700] in appropriate icy blue, Karen “Irish Invader” Corr [IRL – 3rd, $5,700] in very academic navy and red (go Gryffindor!), and Melissa “The Dragon Lady” Herndon [USA – 9th, $2,400] in a charming grey twinset.


Carol “Staten Island Sweetheart” Clark [USA – 49th], I love everything about you: your hair, your choice of sparkly black tops, and your incredibly funny personality. You are joie de vivre itself. Congratulations on winning the WPBA President’s Award!

Debbie “The Shot” Schjodt [USA – 49th] and Ewa “The Striking Viking” Laurance [SWE – 25th, $1,100], your match reinforces my belief that a new division within the WPBA should be made, the Five-Foot & Under Division for Those Of Average Appearance. You beautiful model-types who don’t need to use a bridge every other shot because your legs are 10 miles long can go play in the other corner of the schoolyard.

Melissa “The Dragon Lady” Herndon [USA – 9th, $2,400], you look great! Your rigorous gym workouts are paying off, and I am sure you will have more stalkers soon! Ok, you can put that cue down now–no, not on my head. Yes, we can play a set for earrings.

Rachael Abbink [CAN – 25th, $1,100], you have THE most unique cue case I have ever seen. I think the added weight of all those stickers is somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 lbs. Your daily workout probably goes something like this: Lift cue case once. It must be effective, because you have an awesome stroke.

Sarah “Velvet” Ellerby [GBR – 9th, $2,400] now represents Puma Sportswear, and she is a fabulous representative. If I wasn’t damp, freezing, and in the middle of nowhere, I would have run out and bought the exact same striped pink polo. I already use BioSilk Silk Therapy by Farouk Systems, another one of Sarah’s sponsors. Now, if only I could buy some world-class billiard skills…

Sarah Rousey [USA – 5th, $3,300], your patent leather pumps are sooooo cute!

Yes, Xiao-Ting Pan [CHN – 9th, $2,400] really is that pretty in addition to not missing a ball for five straight racks. I think she’d look absolutely darling in a silk-scarf headband. She has perfect sideswept bangs. XTP, won’t you give that a try at your next tournament? Aldo Accessories has very nice versions in different prints for $8.00 (total bargain!).

Alice “Miss Alice” Rim [USA – 25th, $1,100], thanks for showing me the meaning of perseverance. You’ve got credit in heaven.


Allison “Duchess of Doom” Fisher [GBR – 1st, $14,000], you make pool look so easy I’ve notified the Better Business Bureau of fraud. I just saw this photo of you in the WPBA Program. I think it’s great! Nice touch with the black beaded necklace. Pearls would have made you look prim and proper. Instead, you look like the dazzling head of a spy agency/billiards cartel/tiny oil-rich nation. And completely ready to kick butt.

In Parting

Menswear fabrics and cuts are in.
If you’re using half a can of Aqua-Net on your hair, watch out, I’m coming with matches.
Did anyone else notice M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” in the music loop in the tournament room?

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