One of my two main playing cues is by Murray Tucker (the other is by Eric Crisp). Murray is an excellent cuemaker and his cues are hard to obtain because he is not accepting orders (and hasn’t for a while) and those who own his cues are not usually willing to sell them. That doesn’t stop people from trying to get him to build them a cue. The video below is a peek into the life of cuemakers whose work is in high demand.

Disclaimer: You might have to be a hardcore pool player and/or cue collector to truly "get" the humor in the video below.

by: pharaoh68

I like how what Murray says is ignored by his rabid super-fan who will stop at nothing to get a cue — without really paying for it.

Makes me feel better about how guys often ignore what I am saying as well.


Just send it!

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  1. OMG!!! I made OMGWTF’s blog! This is TOTALLY gonna go to my head… which is good ’cause I’m going bald and FAST!!! I need something up there to keep my scalp warm in the upcoming winter months. 🙂

    1. Your movie was truly hilarious. Of course, I was privy to all the “in-jokes”, but even to someone who doesn’t know them, but does know the world of cues and cue collecting — it’s a total riot!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!! “Tulip Wood”!!!! 😀
    At least we now know that it’s not just women, guys can creep other guys out too!

  3. Holy cow! That is freaking hysterical! Thanks! After the travel day I had today, it was just what I needed. “Tulips on your shaft wood” I haven’t heard a variation of that joke in 20 years……

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