9 8 2011

A round-up of stuffs on and off the intarwebs, both billiards and non-billiards related.


TAR 21: Alex Pagulayan vs Shane Van Boening

christmas came early for pool fans   Have you heard about this yet?
But of course you have.
This may be the most anticipated match (rematch) in the history of The Action Report.
The first TAR match between them happened in 2008 and it was memorable because Alex Pagulayan overcame a 15-game deficit starting the final day to win, 100-94. I got to watch the final day, live, standing precariously on the guardrails of the bleachers.
Recently, they played a race to 40 after BCAPL Nationals for a tidy five digits and Shane Van Boening won, 40-20.
I’ve rarely been so pleased to say, “Here we go again!”

The Action Report will be selling the 3-day Pay-Per-View package for $35, which is an increase from their usual $25 price, but the quality of the players and the broadcast (this is the FIRST broadcast match to take place in the new TAR Studio) make it all worth it.

In addition, you can buy tickets to watch it live! There are a limited number of seats available and admission (which includes snacks and beverages) will be $150 for all three days. You can purchase admission in the TAR Store.

This is Christmas in September for me and I cannot wait!


Billiard Traveler

Billiard Traveler is the blog of a billiard player who travels all around the world drinking, eating good food, and playing pool. Yep. I think he’s a criminal mastermind, too. His latest post features the Turkish Airways’ business lounge at the Istanbul Airport.


Wowzers! (the upside-down cue in the cue holder is annoying the SHIT outta me, though)

Read more about this swankness at Billiard Traveler’s post, “Unexpected billiards 001 – Istanbul Airport!” You will probably enjoy reading about his other jetsetting adventures as well. As of this posting, he is in Ethiopia. Really. 🙂


Tasty Salad Dressing

I like salads because they taste good, but I especially like them in the heat of summertime — that’s when they are the most refreshing. I recently tried out Briannas Fine Salad Dressings and now I am addicted to them. They are really tasty. They’re kind of on the pricey side ($4.99-ish), so I usually wait until they go on sale, at which point they are about $3.50 a bottle.

In my fridge, I currently have…

The Blush Wine Vinaigrette is nicely sweet and tart. It’s not too thick and great for a light salad. Sometimes I mix it with a balsamic vinaigrette of inferior pedigree if I don’tfeel like having a sweet dressing. (I like to mix salad dressings the way some people like to mix drinks.)

The Asiago Caesar Dressing I don’t use as a salad dressing — I use it as a dipping sauce. I usually have leftover celery and carrots after cooking (as I did on my recent bolognese sauce post, “One Sauce To Rule Them All”) sauces or soups. Cutting some celery sticks and then eating them with the Caesar dressing while watching DVDs of TAR matches is an ideal way to kill time while waiting for laundry to dry.

Now, the Rich Santa Fe Blend Dressing is what I would call, extremely legit. I do love me a nice “southwestern” salad, but I hate making the dressing, which is rather complex and store bought ones never seem to cut it — until now. This dressing is not too light and not too heavy, with a pleasing bit of spice that adds a kick but doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors. I’ll do a more in-depth post featuring salad recipes in the future, but for a southwestern-style salad, I add the following (preferably chopped) to lettuce: tomatoes, sweet red onion, corn kernels, avocado, and sometimes, cooked chicken. Then, I add this dressing and mix. Tastiness ensues.


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Blade Runner (the Director’s Cut)

Did you watch it? What do you think the unicorn dream and the origami unicorn mean?

Look at me! I'm a unicorn! Me too!

Just send it!

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    1. That’s what I thought, too. Part of me wishes they’d do a sequel, but I know it could not measure up to the original and would just be a bad idea. 🙂

    1. By the way, I’ve loved Ethiopian food (that’s NOT an oxymoron, you smartasses) ever since I had it at Merkato in Las Vegas. 🙂

  1. I second Brianna’s salad dressings. Try the Blush Wine on a salad of mixed greens, Strawberries, Feta cheese and Toasted pecans. Yummy!

    ps.. I’m a long time lurker of your blog ever since my APA League operator brought it to my attention. She used your infamous Mini Mania match as an example of good sportsmanship under pressure. 🙂

    1. That salad sounds delicious! The dressing itself recommends fresh strawberries and I was trying to figure out a way to do that — thanks to you, I can now save those brain cells for things like firing a shot into a rail.

      Good sportsmanship? It’s rare for me get accused of that. 😉 I just try to remember: it’s all about the game. Oh, and beating the crap out of people (on the pool table, usually) who deserve it! Hee hee hee!

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