just another random Monday

New Craftiness for More Table Time

My usual pool room still has the sit-down two-player version of Pac-Man. That’s totally my idea of a nice end table.

Also (via Wikipedia),

[Pac-Man] is the highest-grossing video game of all time, having generated more than $2.5 billion in quarters by the 1990s.

$2.5 billion.

In quarters?


I shall nom you!

Ms. Pac-Man Blinky Clyde Pinky Inky Cherries! Yum!

“Mr. Pac-Man is not available at the moment, but if you leave a message at the beep, I can make one for you.” *beep*

All of the above have been listed in my Etsy store. You can click on the individual keychains in the photograph above to be taken to their listing.


more magical than Harry Potter   Magic Ball Racks are still available for $18.00 (includes shipping). This is the lowest price on the internet at this time, but once they’re gone, they’re gone!

  Trial-size sets of 4 Shot Pads are also available for $12.00 (includes shipping). Use these pocket-sized 40-page notebooks to record your awesomest shots for posterity!


Thank you for letting me shill my fundraising stuffs. As always, all proceeds go towards table time and travel expenses.



…and now, the randomness


random I-Did-Not-Know-That

You know that crap you have to clean out of the corners of your eye when you wake up? I call it “eye-crap”. Some people (probably sparkly vampire-poets) call it “sleepy sand”.

The official term for it is “rheum”.


random Linky Links for Ready Reads

This sporadic feature is back! Just for today! Because Monday is when you really need to pretend you’re working. (All links open in a new window.)

one tough cookie   Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 104-year-old biscuit to be sold
“A 104-year-old biscuit taken by Sir Ernest Shackleton on his Antarctic expedition in 1907 could fetch up to £1,500 (~$2,500) at auction, experts have said.”
this one is named after a cheese   The World’s Rudest Hand Gestures
  “Herewith a sampling, courtesy of the ever-brilliant Chronicle Books, of how to throw down with the locals, wherever you are.”
woe is me   Teenage Brains
  “Why do teenagers act the way they do? Viewed through the eyes of evolution, their most exasperating traits may be the key to success as adults.”


random Science Fiction Short Story

I got on a sci-fi kick after watching Blade Runner and I know you need more reasons not to work.

it's a quick read   Scales
“The enemy must die.”


random Educational Memory

I often see the word “separate” spelled as “seperate”. I was told in the first grade to think of this: “you’d want to be separate from a rat” in order to remember the correct spelling.


random Question For You

(It’s not really random.) Did you see the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight? What do you think about the controversial punch?

Better yet, what do you think of Mayweather’s quote regarding a future bout against Manny Pacquiao: “I don’t need Pacquiao. I can make a lot of money without Pacquiao.”

My thought regarding that quote: Well, duh. But it’s not always about the money.



come back Wednesday

I will be super-busy this week and weekend, but I made sure you’d have something to read and perhaps discuss.



Just send it!

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  1. For Mayweather, its always about the money. Really for any pro fighter its always about the money. He doesn’t need Pac, because he’d destroy him. And the only thing dirty about that Mayweather/Ortiz exchange was the intentional headbutts. Ortiz got exactly what he was looking for – a way out of the fight. 🙂

    1. If he can destroy Pacquiao, then he’d get EVEN MORE MONEY and silence the doubters.

      It’s a win-win situation if Mayweather fights Pacquiao.

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