3 7 2012


asshattery at higher levels of pool

Professional pool player Jennifer Barretta wrote on her blog about having to deal with another player’s asshattery at a tournament. The mysterious asshat was given the pseudonym Stanky Hernandez. I wonder who he could be?

Well, let me do the wondering — YOU go over and read that post right now.



blog post round up

You didn’t miss anything, but if you think you did…

  • I wrote something for the ladies (and got some condescending emails from a dude about it — but we’ll save that entertainment for another day, tee hee!)
  • pointing and missing is swag
  • occasionally, I am a nature-loving hippie (who also eats nature’s tasty creatures)

You can always click on the tag “Blog Post Round-Up (Yeehaw!)” for short descriptions and links to the last month or so’s worth of material.



this is common sense

I’m going to some big-ass pool tournament and expo this weekend. You know which one. If you decide to seek me out, keep the following in mind:

  the tournament is my #1 priority
  I will let you know if I am not up for chit-chat. Do not approach me during or after a match.
  identify yourself
  I am automatically suspicious of strangers. If you read this blog and that is how you know of me, say so. If I met you before and forgot, please reintroduce yourself.
  objects in mirror are duller than they appear
  If you’ve never met me before, I may not live up to your expectations.
  objects in mirror are more f#cking nuts than they appear
  If you’ve never met me before, I may be far more assholic than you could ever imagine.
  there are a lot of Asian girls that play pool
  Make sure I’m the right one.
  minimum safe distance
  When in doubt, say nothing and stay behind the fence.

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super nifty

Congrats to one of my readers on the birth of his daughter, Gemma Therese! 🙂 Warm fuzzies all around!



now let's all have a good time, okay?

10 Replies to “3 7 2012”

  1. Let me know when your matches are… I probably shoot this morning unless I caught a bye then it might be this afternoon/evening.

    See you in a few hours…

  2. Thanks for the link to Jenn’s story about playing “Stanky”. I’m aquainted with Jenn and I’ve seen “Stanky” play a number of times. I would have loved to be there for that match.
    Jenn is very classy and “Stanky” is pure slime, start to finish.

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