6 11 2012



Ray Bradbury, writer.

Mikyor, reader.



blog post round up

You didn’t miss anything, but if you think you did…

lunar craziness
  • I’m not faring well in the realm of billiards, so I unleash my fury on hapless (and delicious) invertebrates to warm the New Zealand cockles of my heart
  • I go back in time to remember how fun it was before I knew how to play pool
  • I work up enough nerve to introduce the saga of the past few months which have driven me insane, along with some neat billiards (ESPN Magazine profile on Dennis Orcullo) and non-billiards reading links
  • Road Partners manage to kick me in the balls even when I pay for them NOT to be my road partner
  • Retreat to the kitchen to ponder upon how much it sucks to be a (literal and figurative) fish
  • Everything that has a beginning, has an end (I hope)

You can always click on the tag “Blog Post Round-Up (Yeehaw!)” for short descriptions and links to the last month or so’s worth of material.



reading material

stuff to keep you occupied…

Why Do We Have Personal Space?
“Why do we feel so icky when we stand too close to others?”


10 Time Frames
“Of course in actual time a minute is just a minute—but is this true?”
Finland’s Crazy Plan to Make Nuclear Waste Disappear
“The U.S. plan to bury nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain may be dead, but in Finland, engineers are going ahead with a plan to build an enormous bunker to house the dangerous stuff.”
The Perfection of the Paperclip
“It was invented in 1899. It hasn’t been improved upon since.”



time yet for a hundred indecisions

While we all wait for me to get around to posting write-ups of actual value, answer me this:

“What was the most important event you passed up in favor of a tournament?”


now let's all have a good time, okay?

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  1. I tried my very best to avoid my fathers funeral to play in a baseball game as a kid (I didn’t play pool at that age). They actually had to come and get me in the 3rd inning

    1. I almost did that last year… Actually, I skipped out after half of it so I could go play the U.S. Open. Tee hee!

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