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I may be on vacation, but I’m always reading. All my posts during my time off will be mainly reading links. If you get email notification of my posts, that will be off while I’m out — so just pop in on the blargh from time to time if you want to procrastinate. 🙂


« G R A N D E »
Like a Thief in the Night
“The repo man does his best work alone in the dark. No good can come of a confrontation.”
Magic Measured in a Pile of Salt
“Every grain, every crystal, is cultivated naturally, harvested by hand and marketed pure and unrefined.”


« T R E N T A »
Being a Cheesemonger Is Better and Worse Than You Think It Is
“Customers come in with their cheese problems, questions, and complaints. Sometimes I can help them.”
I really enjoyed this article. Being a cheesemonger has plenty of exasperating moments similar to those in the world of billiards.
The Shadow Scholar
“The man who writes your students’ papers tells his story.”
Another GREAT article with bits of hilarity.



snail mail is fun

Some of you participated in my Postcard Project. That’s still ongoing. You email me your address and a question and I’ll mail you an answer on a postcard. This is my tribute to snail mail, which I love.



witty blurb here

7 Replies to “le blargh : un”

  1. Your article selections are always good. I download them to my phone and read them during long annoying bus rides 🙂

    1. Awesome! What service do you use to download? I’m looking for one of those download-now-read-later-when-there-is-no-reception kind of deals.

      1. pocket works really well on iphone, but u do need reception for it. u can try web2pdf also.


        plug in the web address & hit convert. once the file is ready on ur phone, press & hold “download pdf” button til the option screen pops up, then select “open in new page”. u should be able to open & save the resulting file to iBooks for offline reading.

  2. OMG the goat cheese scene sounded just like you! And many of the other conversations could easily have taken place in a pool room.

    Having worked in retail and the people serving industries for many years I can only say, “Yeah.”

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