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Big-time pool dispute plays out in Solano courtroom
Behind the eight ball was legendary player Tony Annigoni, a managing partner of the U.S. Pool Players Association and the owner of the Two Cushion Club pool hall on North Texas Street.
otherwise… pool in the news! uh, yay?


« T A L L »
It Isn’t Easy Being a Genius
Let me begin by making something very clear: I’m not a genius.
originally from 2005


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Branded for Life
In private, Olcott has always embraced the role. “Everybody in my life knows me as Smiling Bob,” says Olcott. “I’m quite open about it. I have a 16-year-old son. His friends love the fact that I’m Smiling Bob. They walk around wearing T-shirts with my face on it.”



celebrity pool tables
we’re in a music video — so I guess there’s that

There’s a bar pool scene in Christina Aguilera’s newest music video (which contains a lot of pink and neon colored hair extensions).

She’s strutting her stuff like she knows what she’s doing…
…oooh, going for the Wallabushka cue… very promising…
…she’s got the badass “come hither” look like she’s going to kick his ass and take his money…


…but, no…

…it’s the old “Dude Shows Chick How to Hold a Cue Like a Complete Non-Player” tripe again (no offense to tripe, which is delicious when prepared correctly).


horrible form on both parts Terrible form gives crappy name to billiard instructors everywhere, especially the ones populating seedy bars, no matter how good-looking they are. (And maybe especially the good-looking ones.)



it’s so delicious, yes?

Since I got my cue back (yay!) from my incredibly understanding cuemaker, I’ve jumped overboard and back into that sick, sad ocean known as Trying to Become Some Sort of Pool Player (even being a Half-Assed Pool Player would be Extremely Acceptable).


I don’t write about Every Single Tournament on this blog (but when I do, I prefer to write about the ones that are especially grueling — stay thirsty, my friends). If I can, I will. If I cannot, I will not.

Everyone enjoys a little schadenfreude with their schnitzel and noodles (I have been known to top my ramen with a liberal dollop — calories be damned), and I am glad to provide you with amusement to move your working day forward, but let me do it on my own time.

nope The more you ask, the less I am inclined.
Now that we have that settled, let’s all get some oven-fresh schadenfreude.


The summary of my last two tournaments as they appear On Paper.

  • could have dogged it
  • almost dogged it
  • almost dogged it
  • halfway dogged it
  • super-duper frog-on-the-log (in the hole in the middle of the bottom of the sea) dogged it


  • almost dogged it
  • almost dogged it
  • thoroughly dogged it
  • even more thoroughly dogged it


And that’s how my two tournaments went. I’m curmudgeonly at the moment (plus having to deal with technical difficulties earlier this week sucked) so y’all just get the Score On Paper for now. In the meantime, have some schadenfreude schnitzel, and read on…



authentic island experience
the good life

After I was KTFO of the second tournament and I was done raging (no busted knuckles this time) and in a suitable state for social interaction, I was informed a little action would be going down between two of the local professionals at a pool room I had not heard of before.

Shall we go?

Why not.

When I arrived at the pool room, I was tickled pink. It was a storefront, two-table affair that didn’t have any identifying features that it was a pool room, or even open to the public. Bad-f#cking-ass.

love the checkered floor The tables were very close to each other, arranged in a “T” formation (as you can see to the left).
Things were so close that the table forming the “top” of the T was physcially moved to make room (but since Oscar Dominguez was one of the players, he and his father guaranteed they would level the table, if needed, afterwards). The stools for spectating were lined against the wall. Other than that, there was a tiny counter with a tiny fridge and a tiny microwave and a tiny former porn star roaming around.


A friend of mine turned me on to an app that could take pretty decent panoramic photographs (that being one of my current “things” for this blarg).


As you can see, it’s more like a rec room in someone’s garage rather than a pool room. The inside of the table lights were lined with tinfoil to act as reflectors. Damn, I love that kind of sh#t! Totally gives the place character.


snug The equiment was, shall we say, extremely legit. Both tables were Brunswicks (although I think the main gambling table was a “better” one) with tight pockets and good cloth.
Mr. Dominguez’s opponent was Santos Sambajon, Jr.
After brief negotiations, a ten-ball race to 21 for $2,000 was agreed upon.
bridge on a bridge Race to 21 for $2,000? Pfft. Been there, lost that. Except I did it in nine-ball, bleh.
There was a brief hiccup in the fourth game where Mr. Sambajon said he didn’t understand the rules of World Ten-Ball (call shots and safes). Of course, some of us thought this was a little — unbelievable — since Mr. Sambajon was a professional player. He wanted to play “lucky” ten-ball and eventually, Mr. Dominguez agreed to it with the stipulation that the 10-ball did not count on the break.
The match was very close. For the first half, no player held a lead bigger than one game.
I also learned new ways to use a bridge. I don’t know if it’s legal in all tournaments, but check it out — you can bridge on a bridge!
bridge on a bridge part deux See? Mr. Sambajon does it, too!
This was worth the price of admission alone — a Smurfy player such as myself could put such knowledge and technique to excellent use.
At 12-12, Mr. Sambajon began to pull forward.
Even though Mr. Sambajon’s tip flew off during the last stretch, he managed to keep his lead and the final score was 21-14.
There is, of course, the high possibility of a rematch. I do not think it will be at this venue, although it is very charming.


I had a fun time talking to some of the local players at this room while the match was going on. Most, if not all, of the regular players there were Filipino and they proudly told me that this room and its set-up were “just like home”, meaning it was a faithful reproduction of your average pool room in the Philippines. I gathered that they were hoping to have more big-name action in the room. It would suit the place since with only two close-set tables, the best kind of tournament you could have is a two-man, winner-take-all type deal — a.k.a. action.


Someone said to me during the course of conversation, “You know, [local lady pool player who was at the tournament] told me you were crazy.”

I was not surprised at the allegation nor the name of the alleger. “Really.”

“Yes. I saw you play once and said I liked your game. She told me you were crazy.”

I smiled. “She is absolutely correct. One would have to be crazy to do the things I do for a game like this.”

“But, now — I do not think you are crazy. I think maybe you are only very competitive.”

“I don’t mind if people think I am crazy. They have always thought that, and in the end, it keeps me from having to be social.”

Perhaps thinking he had said too much, he added helpfully, “Well, she did say you were very smart.”

“Now THAT is a complete lie.”

Men tend to judge my game, women tend to judge my personality. Gotta love it.
there’s an app for that

Some locals in my are have started an online directory of pool rooms called Their mission statement:

It’s a new generation of technology and information. While the information is out there, sometimes it is just too spread out. Our mission is to bring this information together into one source, for the pool/billiards community to find, search and use to Go Play Pool.

I can see their mission will be forever ongoing as new pool rooms pop up (yay!) and some fold (aww). They’ve made an app for mobile phones which is available for free download. This will provide you with a convenient way to locate a pool room while you’re traveling in distant and unknown places.

Disclosure: I have a link somewhere on their site. Also, the petite half of the company has very pretty red hair. The less-petite half of the company has less hair, but is very fun to drink with. Cheers!




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  1. Double bridges happen in straight pool quite a bit when there’s a safety battle raging; at least, they did back in the old days. Back when I was, oh, your age. 🙂

      1. I read this on my ipad last night and didn’t see the picture very well. I thought it was a bridge on bridge situation.

        Since the items in use are being used for their appropriate purposes, I would rule it legal. (I am a certified ref and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.) He couldn’t do it if the one laying on the table was a cue, for example, because that would be using it for something for which it’s not designed. This is one of those really arcane rules of pool.

        He’s very crafty as I’ve never seen that technique exactly that way.

  2. Schadenfreude, one of my favorite words! My boss and I use it all the time, lol. One cat is not enough to be considered crazy. Please go rescue 3 or 4 more cats so that you can make it official. 🙂

  3. I have seen Oscar do the bridge on bridge before. I’ve done it too and has saved me from some tough spots.
    Crazy cat lady? That’s just about normal. 🙂

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