El Mullet

This little guy is one of the players from Spain that just seems to live in the Action Pit. I don’t think he has a hotel room. His hair is glossy, and very, very carefully spiked in the front in an incredibly symmetrical display of budding Baby Mulletude. I was only able to get surreptitious photos of the side and rear, but if I am able to get a mugshot, I’ll post it. I’ll also see if I can sneak some photographs of some other members of the Spanish contingent who are dressed quite interestingly.


I hate scenery, but, oh well.

I lost my first match yesterday so I’m currently tied for 513th-1024th. Yaaay. I was so depressed I turned vegetarian. I even took it one step further and ate a fruit plate for dinner. At least it was at the Peppermill, where I have no doubt they destroyed an entire orchard and presented it to me on a porcelain platter.



Professional limo service.

So, apparently, Justin Whitehead started the trend of renting and driving a little scooter around the BCA tournament last year. The trend has caught on DRAMATICALLY and this year I find myself having my toes run over a few dozen times a day. I think it’s funny to see guys who are able-bodied and completely capable of spotting me the three-out and the breaks riding a little scooter going a whopping five miles an hour with french fries in their little front baskets.

Here is Canadian champion Edwin Montal showing off his sleek ride.

Hasta luego for now, y’all.