get mugged in the best way possible [UPDATED TO ADD MARIO]

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Whoa! A Rolls-Royce!
I asked Rolls to lend me a Ghost (the version I drove costs $352,000, while the higher-end Phantom will set you back even more) to find out whether someone like me—the last car I owned was a 1995 Saturn compact with a broken second gear—could appreciate the artisanal dedication that goes into creating a palace on wheels.



keep calm
and slop it three rails

I spent half my weekend at the ceramics studio painting. In addition to being cheap, creative therapy that doesn’t involve alcohol (usually), the resulting items are useful and quite pretty. Some of the items painted will be up on the fundraising chopping block.

I always fail to learn this lesson. The usual way I paint my Centennial nine-ball mugs is with true-to-life accuracy — that is, I keep the circled number in white, just like it is on a real Centennial nine-ball (cuz I’m OCD like that).

Today’s offering is my Centennial nine-ball mug done in a new style, with a new message.

so pretty so true I decided to do a color-stripe. I justified this deviation from reality by telling myself it was “artistic license”. I also added my newest sillicism (silly + witticism) “KEEP CALM and SLOP IT THREE RAILS” to replace the previous (equally depressing) “DON’T CHOKE“.

The pictures above are of the unfired mug. The fired and (food-safe) glazed mug will be vibrant and ready for lots of coffee (and Bailey’s).


how we’re gonna do this

In exchange for a donation, you will receive a number (or numbers) for a drawing for this mug and your choice of a fuzzy Mario keychain (if the one you want is not available, I will make it for you).


The numbers will be from 1 to 56, and you have 3 options:

1 number for $2
3 numbers for $5
7 numbers for $10

It’s first-come, first-serve on the numbers so if someone has chronologically beaten you to your choice — pick another one. You can pick numbers first and PayPal later.

Once all 56 numbers have been selected, the next Mega Millions lottery drawing will determine our winner.

The THIRD number drawn will be the winning number!

Shipping is included and I will ship internationally if someone overseas wins.


I will update this list as often as I can. Please check the comments to make sure your pick isn’t taken. Your email address may not make it past the spam filter, so check to make sure I update the list with your name. Email me if your name does not appear.

  • 1. MikeF
  • 2. Hidy Ho
  • 3. demonrho
  • 4. PBat51
  • 5. Canadian Jager
  • 6. PBat51
  • 7. Canadian Jager
  • 8. TCW
  • 9. MikeF
  • 10. EM
  • 11. demonrho
  • 12. Canadian Jager
  • 13. AndyofLA
  • 14. Hidy Ho
  • 15. EM
  • 16. TCW
  • 17. AndyofLA
  • 18. MikeF
  • 19. PBat51
  • 20. Canadian Jager
  • 21. OD
  • 22. Gabe
  • 23. AndyofLA
  • 24. TCW
  • 25. OD
  • 26. Gabe
  • 27. Hidy Ho
  • 28. MikeF
  • 29. kbcnc
  • 30. Canadian Jager
  • 31. EM
  • 32. TCW
  • 33. OD
  • 34. MikeF
  • 35. EM
  • 36. PBat51
  • 37. Hidy Ho
  • 38. TCW
  • 39. kbcnc
  • 40. Canadian Jager
  • 41. EM
  • 42. Gabe
  • 43. Hidy Ho
  • 44. MikeF
  • 45. EM
  • 46. PBat51
  • 47. Hidy Ho
  • 48. TCW
  • 49. PBat51
  • 50. Canadian Jager
  • 51. Hidy Ho
  • 52. PBat51
  • 53. demonrho
  • 54. MikeF
  • 55. EM
  • 56. TCW


Thank you to everyone who participates, and good luck!

(If you can’t participate, I thank you all the same for reading. 🙂 )


get mugged in the best way possible

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