10 12 2012

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Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo — And Then to Iraq
Ten years ago, I was nearly 30 and over $90,000 in debt. I had spent my twenties trying to build an interesting life; I had two degrees; I had lived in New York and the Bay Area; I had worked in a series of interesting jobs; I spent a lot of time traveling overseas. But I had also made a couple of critically stupid and shortsighted decisions..



blog post round up
You didn’t miss anything, but if you think you did…

Wooo, the list is a doozy (because I haven’t kept up).

of cloudless climes and starry skies
  • Men: some think the solution to every problem is themselves.
  • Stars, electricity, cats and spinach.
  • Fancy ramen, for the times you need to build your bankroll.
  • Seriously serious nifty action spot hosts match between Oscar Dominguez and Santos Sambajon, Jr.

You can always click on the tag “Blog Post Round-Up (Yeehaw!)” for short descriptions and links to the last month or so’s worth of material.



the mugs are all right

I was raffling off the new style of 9-ball mug and this was what we saw last time, before it got baked on a Friday (teehee):

mug... ...shot (wakka wakka!)

It’s now been fired (for being lit up like a kiln — teehee) and here’s what it looks like after the makeover:

just like the love boat... ...it's shiny and new

My new thing is to paint stripes on the interior of the mug because why not. The lettering is a dark teal, but I’m not sure it’s showing up well in the photo here. In any case, I really like the way it turned out and will be doing more in the future. I have some other mugshots from the same painting session, but I’ll wait until next week to show those off. 🙂

The raffle is now closed, and I thank you for participating! My tournament updates from the Chuck Markulis tournament this weekend are possible because of you. Read the updates on Twitter or Critter’s Facebook Page.



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