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Bag End Made From 2,600 Balloons? Yep.
You have some spare time. You know your way around a balloon. And you really like The Hobbit.
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Matchstick Minas Tirith Creator Tells All
You can read the whole interview or just go for the pictures.




I joined this — thing (cult?) — at the behest of others. I’ve compiled my recipe posts on to a “board” and I do have to say it is nice to see recipes laid out for visual reference using pictures rather than just text links.

Future recipe posts will be pinned to the board. You can bookmark it for future perusal.



thanks a lot

Some social media thing going ’round has people posting one thing they are thankful for each day in November. Okay, fine. Let’s see if I can actually finish this bit of foofaraw.

5. Revenge
Makes life fun.
6. Schadenfreude
Makes life delicious.
7. Eggnog
Replaces excessive seasonal pumpkin-fying (beer to carwax). I’ll hate irresponsibly rampant eggnog-fying (from pet food to skincare) later, but I’m thankful for now.



speaking of thanks…



My first cue was a glittery teal Cuetec. I didn’t know anything about equipment at the time and as it was recommended to me by the manager at a well-known pool room, I figured it must have been all right. I played with that Cuetec for the couple of years and it won me plenty. I learned more about equipment later on in my pool life, but still never quite became an Equipment Junkie.

There is elitism in pool as there is in everything else in life. As my game improved, I really began to marvel at the amazing amount of cues and doohickeys some pool players would collect. I could understand custom cues as investment pieces, but inwardly laughed at sh#t like laser-sighted cues and titanium step-taper cues. I once played in a dinky race to five nine-ball tournament and spent almost two hours on one match because my opponent used seven different full-size cues — one each for breaking, stop, follow, draw, kicking, and masse. He also had a jump cue that was half aluminum. No doubt the other half was the stuff of dreams. After that match I became a bit of an Equipment Snob and pretty much looked askance at toolbags who carried or used excessive amounts of (sometimes hilariously novel) equipment.

We are all Equipment Snobs in one way or another. The dude carrying $120,000 worth of custom cues in his bazooka case looks down on the league player with his $85 McDermott. The league player with the McDermott looks down on the dude carrying $120,000 worth of custom cues because homeboy can’t draw his ball even after all that money. Ronnie Alcano looks down on all of us because he is a world champion via his neon Viking cue (also he is taller than most of us). I have poked fun at people bringing three different cue balls to a league match. I have marveled in disbelief at magnetic gold-plated monogrammed chalk holders. We have all looked at Earl Strickland in his post-apocalyptic gear and just… HAAAA.

But, I am now reformed.

It’s great that everyone has equipment preferences. Dude buys $30 chalk? Awesome! How about $20 tips? Yep, that’s me! Upgrading from gold-plated to solid gold chalk holder? You, sir, are my hero. Hey dude with the seven cues: belated thanks to you. People like you keep the pool economy alive which means, in the end, more pool and pool tournaments for me.

Thank an equipment junkie today!



"momentary" -- hahahahaha