1 9 2013


aww yeah

I met Joe Rogan at a local tournament this past weekend and he liked my blog and the way I wrote about billiards and the billiards subculture.


We all know I’m never going to win any awards from the billiards industry for the pixelated drivel posted here (see: my flaming of Billiards Digest because they judged this blog after barely reading any of it), but that’s fine by me, because, really, it’s those outside the billiards industry that we want to get interested in the game. So, if a media figure from outside the billiards industry enjoys my writing, then I know I’m doing an all right job here, even if the leading industry magazine thinks my writing and subject matter is inferior to that of a ceramic/resin dog figurine.

But, then again, this blog is not for everyone.

(Just the cool peeps.)




reading links
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Hey, y’all! (Belated) Welcome to 2013. Here is a quick guide to the Reading Links you will see on most posts. They are arranged top to bottom from shortest reads to longest reads. Short reads will take you perhaps a minute or two. Trenta reads will be 15 minutes or more. The in-between lengths are Tall, Grande, and Venti. Yes, they are named after the drink sizes at Starbucks.

I am interested in a variety of random topics so I hope you will enjoy one, a few, or all of the selections throughout the year.


« G R A N D E »
After Years in Solitary, an Austere Life as Uruguay’s President
Some world leaders live in palaces. Some enjoy perks like having a discreet butler, a fleet of yachts or a wine cellar with vintage Champagnes. Then there is José Mujica, the former guerrilla who is Uruguay’s president.
« V E N T I »
Suds for Drugs
Tide detergent: Works on tough stains. Can now also be traded for crack. A case study in American ingenuity, legal and otherwise.
« T R E N T A »
The cold hard facts of freezing to death
The cold remains a mystery, more prone to fell men than women, more lethal to the thin and well muscled than to those with avoirdupois, and least forgiving to the arrogant and the unaware.
In Unfamiliar Waters [1986]
Two Californians, Two Indonesians Received a Heroes’ Welcome After 21 Days Adrift. Then the Cheering Stopped.
Gold, Golden, Gilded, Glittering
Representations of Value, or The Unexpected Double History of Banking and The Art World
« D O U B L E . T R E N T A »
A Pickpocket’s Tale
In magic circles, Robbins is regarded as a kind of legend. Psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and the military study his methods for what they reveal about the nature of human attention.



blog post round up
You didn’t miss anything, but if you think you did

Uh, yes. Apparently, I have not done one of these since October 2012. Hoo boy. So, here is the summary of significant posts for the, erm, past two months. Yikes. All links open in a new window.

  • the incredible, edible egg salad adapted from David Lebovitz
  • the overly-serious pool player must sometimes stretch the dollar: 10 meals for $20

You can always click on the tag “Blog Post Round-Up (Yeehaw!)” for short descriptions and links to the last month or so’s worth of material.



uno momento por favor

Posting more frequently last year was pretty fun so I regret that I will have to cut back on the posting frequency temporarily. I am still working through some craft commissions, but will not take on any new ones. I will toss up the occasional ceramic or yarn piece for raffle (some fundraising, some for free).

I have a few billiards and food posts in reserve, so you will not be completely without entertainment. Posting frequency will return to normal (2 to 3 times a week) when a current situation requiring much of my attention comes to an end.




I now have the capability to take non-lame panorama photographs on my phone. No more stitching. This bodes well for the future, does it not?



are you not entertained?