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I sometimes get in the mood for steak, but I don’t really feel like paying for a five-dollar steak and twenty-five dollars’ worth of *AmBiEnCe*. I present to you–

Steak For The Single Girl

Purchase $4.00 ribeye from local supermarket on special weekly sale. Because I don’t shop at a frou-frou hanky-panky high-end grocery mart, my steak here is about three-quarters of an inch thick. You generally get best results with steaks one-inch or thicker. By the way, Costco has GREAT steaks for the price.

Drizzle a little canola oil evenly onto both sides of steak. Canola oil has a high smoke-point and a neutral flavor, making it ideal for grill marinades.

Sprinkle both sides liberally with McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Let marinate at room temperature for one hour. Use a glass or porcelain dish and cover with plastic food wrap. Metal dishes impart icky flavors to marinating foods.

lots o' fun

Get your best pan. My heavy-duty nonstick pan is by Berndes, a German company that makes BADASS cookware. This model is somewhere in the neighborhood of $125, but, damn–it is SO worth it. I’ve even converted my mom to using their cookware, and let me tell you, that’s something. Have you ANY idea how hard it is to convice a frugal Asian mother to peel off over a hundred dollars for a pan that she doesn’t think can beat her ten-dollar wok?

Turn heat to high, and toss in a pat of butter. Yes, butter. Nothing in the world like steak cooked in BUTTAH! Also, animal fats have even higher smoke-points than most vegetable oils, so there is definitely less chance you’ll be polluting the ozone and eating charcoal for dinner.

buttah, baby, buttah

Steak overboard! Sear one minute per side on high heat. If you like, you can scrape off the spices before cooking. I leave them on because I like a toasty crust o’ spices.

hot hot hot


Turn heat to medium, and cook for two minutes each side.


Turn off heat, and cover. The hot pan will still be cooking the steak, so take that into consideration. You can also remove the steak to a plate and cover with foil instead.

Watch half of a sitcom to prevent you from eating steak immediately. After cooking, you should always let a steak rest for 15 minutes. This resting period redistributes the juices within the meat. Also whets your appetite. Didn’t think you could finish it all? Think again!

rest in peace, ribeye


Look at clock.


Plate the damn steak and get some silverware, it’s on! That’s my only set of matched silverware and my only dinner plate pictured below. I broke out the high-class gear for this. What? No sides, you say? Nope. When I eat steak, I eat steak. That means I’ll have a side of steak, and steak for dessert, as well.


Admire perfect medium-rarity. So lovely.

true love

Give props to self for cooking a badass steak on an old-ass electric range.

mad skilz, dude

The whole purpose of this section was to make you hungry. Hence, the GIANT photos. Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

Anyhoo, I was wondering about my readers… How many of you eat steak? Yep, it’s a poll. Vote. If only out of boredom and/or curiosity.

100 days of pool : 63 days left

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July, complete with BBQ and fireworks and you still have all your fingers.

[36] : Tuesday, July 3, 2007

you said it, charlie brown

Because I’ve been cranky with pool lately, I decided it would be a good move to excuse myself today from league, lest I crack someone in their deserving jaw.

Instead, I went to a pool hall, and, to be even MORE careful, I went at midnight to avoid as many jackoffs as possible. I hit few racks on a table and brought the balls up to the counter. An Ignorant Dude standing there felt he had to initiate conversation thusly:

[IGNORANT DUDE] “Man, you a funny one!”

[OMGWTF] “Why is that?”

[ID] “Because every time I see you in here, you is ALL BUSINESS.”

[OMG] “Huh?”

[ID] “You don’t talk to nobody, you just come in and play all serious-like.”

[OMG] “Oh. Thanks.”

[ID] “You should come in here and play for fun, like me. You know, chit-chat with the boys, smile a little. Have fun, you know?”

[OMG] “I have fun when I practice. I enjoy playing well.”

[ID] “Sho’ don’t look like it.”

[OMG] “Hey [bartender, who’s known me for years], tell this guy about me and ‘fun pool’, yeah?”

[BARTENDER] “She competes, so when she’s in here, she’s here for practice to get better.”

[ID] “Oooh, so you’se a COMPETITIVE one! I LIKE that in my girls!”

[OMG, after long, thoughtful pause] “I’m going now, without taking well-deserved action. This is my good deed of the day. Carry on, gentlemen.”

Ever get the sense that the whole world’s out to get you, no matter what you do?


[37] : Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I slept through three Fourth of July parties that I was invited to today. I had some real QUALITY shuteye. Since it was too late to yoink any BBQ from people, I picked up some food from my local Persian restaurant. I love the long-grain rice that they serve. It’s more fragrant, and less sticky than Asian rice and it fluffs up all nice.

yummers yesh

If you would like more information on the foods, you can click on the links.

Salad Shirazi : Salad of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and parsley.

Sabzi Polo : Salad of pungent herbs like fenugreek, leeks, mint, basil, and cilantro.

Salad-e Olivieh : Super-tasty chicken-potato-egg salad mixture-thing. A favorite of my mom.

Dolmeh : Grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice.

After dinner, I trotted over to the pool hall for my Recommended Daily Allowance of Billiards. I arrived rather late, and because it was a holiday, I escaped any sort of confrontation.

I played a quick little race to seven with a regular and won. My per-hour earnings: $9.40 + one beer.

Sleep + Food + Non-Confrontational Pool = Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men.

Le Sandbox

a kid named Rayshun

totally awesome

gotta love the Chinese


like, omigod… OMIGOD [2 minutes : 16 seconds]

math [50 seconds]

a lot of effort for a little… [2 minutes : 2 seconds]


I found Nemo.

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