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Who Made That Mason Jar?
“Cobalt blue is probably the supreme one; there’s only a few of those around, and they would sell for $10,000 or $15,000 for a jar.”
What You Eat Affects Your Genes
“Intrigued, they confirmed with a variety of tests in mice that the miRNA, which, in its native environs, usually regulates plant development, was definitely coming from food.”
To Crack or Not to Crack
“What is happening when we crack a joint?”


Running the tables
“When money is at stake, Dennis Orcollo is the best pool player on the planet.”



butter, bread, & knowing better | 0

The sine-curve billiards rollercoaster hasn’t come to a complete stop yet, but I’m raising the safety bar and jumping the f#ck out anyway.

About two months ago, I mapped out a tentative, but incredibly exciting, schedule of pool tournments I wanted to play in. If everything worked out according to plan, I would have a tournament every weekend for twelve weekends in a row (some weekends had two tournaments and I would have to — the horror! — choose one). These weren’t your weeknight $10 handicap deals — these were special/major events, with either money or glory added.

1. Open 9-Ball
2. Open 9-Ball
3. Women’s 9-Ball, bar tables
4. Women’s 9-Ball
5. Open 9-Ball, bar tables
6. Women’s 9-Ball, bar tables, handicapped • or • Open 9-Ball
7. Women’s 9-Ball
8. Women’s 9-Ball
9. Open 10-Ball
10. Open 10-Ball • or • Women’s 9-Ball
11. Women’s 8-Ball, bar tables
12. Women’s 8-Ball, bar tables, teams

It was a time of plenty for the competitive pool player, especially the competitive lady pool player. What happened? Stay tuned all this week and part of next to find out…



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