Benevolence towards all mankind… LIMITED TIME ONLY!

I have had a hankering for fish-and-chips for weeks now, and today, my craving was satisfied at my local IHOP’s. I had onion rings and fish-and-chips for lunch and they were both surprisingly good. I’ve only known IHOP as a place for pancakes, but I must say, as many figure-skating judges have said before, while I have seen better execution of fish-and-chips, the timing was impeccable.

If you have a request, you should ask it now. It is well-known that in the short time window after a good meal, I feel benevolent towards all of mankind. Yes, that’s right, if I had a gun right now and I was facing the people I hate the most, I wouldn’t kill them. I’d just injure them seriously.

Mmm mmm good!