gaining weight, part 1 (the beginning)


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To Catch A Suspect — On Pinterest
Pinterest is known as a place where people share recipes, crafts or fashion. But a new set of images have started showing up on the social media site: mug shots.
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How tall can a Lego tower get?
It’s not just children who like to build towers with Lego – the internet is alive with discussion on how many Lego bricks, stacked one on top of the other, it would take to destroy the bottom brick. So what’s the answer?
France’s “Mole catcher to the king” on age-old job, which has outlived the monarchy
He even signs SMS messages: “Molecatcher to the king.” It’s been over two centuries since Louis XVI was guillotined on Paris’ Place de la Concorde, but the job of hunting the underground rodent that so troubled French monarchs on the grounds of the Versailles palace still exists.
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The Dom Pedro aquamarine’s long and winding path to the Smithsonian
The museum’s longtime curator of gems and minerals, Jeffrey Post, handles an unmarked white box. It’s the right size and shape to hold, say, a tall bottle of the world’s finest Scotch.
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Bryan Saunders: portrait of the artist on crystal meth
Bryan Saunders has created 50 self-portraits under the influence of everything from Valium to lighter fluid. Does that make him an outsider artist, or a troubled man in need of help?
Remains of the Day
A wedding photographer sets out to learn what happened to the couples who hired him for their big day.


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How Do Introverts Share Ideas?
In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as author Susan Cain argues, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.
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gaining weight

This post brought to you by Cue Times Billiard News. Cue Times is the only billiard publication to ask permission to reproduce my articles in their publication. All the others just ripped my sh#t off without asking. Because of their support, I am encouraged (guilted?) to write posts that are slightly more insightful than usual. Without them, this blog would have devolved into a repository for cat image macros and random recipes.

Disclaimer: Due to holiday frazzlement, this story/post/visit-to-the-heart-of-darkness will be broken up into parts. You may not actually gain any insight from this story/post/visit-to-the-heart-of-darkness — the insight gained could very well be all mine, and I’m not in the habit of sharing.


Let’s go back in time a few years, after the death-defying, life-changing, mind-altering events that imbued me with a considerable amount of Like-I-Give-A-F#ckery (“in my mind’s eye”) which you regular readers already know about. I didn’t talk about this event after it happened. As far as most people knew, I disappeared for a while, and then reappeared with a much more taciturn nature. To those who inquired I said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

I slowly got back into playing pool. I played some tournaments here and there. Did well in some, not so well in others. I got back into a local league. Bar tables were a blessing to me because I could reach almost every shot and I wasn’t in good enough physical condition to stretch very far. One night, league ended and there was someone in the bar (another local player) who wanted to gamble.

The Player looking for action played very well, and he would play for no less than $100, which was (and still is) a lot of money for a hack like me (that’s, like, a hundred packs of ramen!). Were I to play him, I would not be the favorite by a long shot. I volunteered anyway because — as noted before — I had an excessive amount of Why-The-F#ck-Not running through my system and it needed an outlet. I do not think I was his first, nor even expected, choice of opponent, but the offer was made and he could accept or decline.

“Well… How do you want to play?”

This question caught me off-guard. I realized that, for a fair shot, I would need weight, but I was not exactly comfortable asking for it. I rarely asked for weight because I did not know how to ask for it, or even how to correctly gauge my game versus another’s (still don’t). If weight was involved, it was because someone else set up the match. I usually played even simply because it was the easiest thing to do. But, this time, I knew I should ask for weight and there was no time like to present to learn how to negotiate.

I asked for some games on the wire. I did not have a rationale nor did I even have a ready justification for the weight I was asking for. It really, truly, was a random shot in the dark. It, uh, sounded good — and kind of like I knew what I was doing…


…to be continued in part 2

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