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50 Welcome Signs from 50 States
Pretty neat to look at.
California’s is by far the most exciting.
World’s Oldest Leather Shoe Found
“Astonishingly modern” shoe preserved by sheep dung and dryness.
one of the rare times poop on a shoe is a good thing
Roaches Prefer Dinner Parties
Ever wonder how cockroaches seem to know the best place to find a meal? Research shows they follow “recommendations” of others.
having foodie friends is universal
The Memory Doctor 2010
A series of very interesting articles about Elizabeth Loftus, a scientist whose main focus was human memory, written by William Saleten.
I suggest you bookmark the page and read an article a day
Iron Man
any guesses on how many times he’s burned himself?


Seminole Pro Tour at Hollywood Billiards
Hollywood, CA

As if Vegas wasn’t enough pool, I figured I’d go watch some more…

The Seminole Pro Tour, probably the best regional tour in the nation, made its way over to the West Coast all the way from the Southeast. This was the last major tournament that had kept Southern Calfornia bankrolls rolling through the month of May. We had the First Sunday at Hard Times Bellflower, the Hard Times Mezz 10-Ball Open, the World Pool Masters, BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championships.

The memory of those events is enough to tire me out all over again.

We were going to cap off the month of May with this brand-new event over Memorial Day Weekend at one of the finest pool rooms on the West Coast — Hollywood Billiards.

I had advance notice, while in Vegas, that certain changes would be taking place at Hollywood Billiards just prior to the tournament. The tables would be recovered just prior to the tournament. This was good. The cloth, however, would not be Simonis. This was not terrible. The cloth would be the color of a fine red wine. This was — weird.

I didn’t get to play in this event, having had prior important engagements scheduled for the first day, Saturday. I did stop by Sunday and Monday to watch the rest of the event. Since I didn’t play, you don’t get the usual endearing rants — just a photo essay of sorts.

That’s Hunter “Floofy” Lombardo walking the walk as he models these slaughterhouse tables for us.

This is how the cloth compares to a glass of cabernet. The official color of the cloth is “merlot”. The description is accurate.

On the left is Ernesto Dominguez with a can of Pledge furniture polish. Apparently, this was the one product that could keep the shaft on a cue clean and free of the pinkness that was beginning to permeate all. You had to use it constantly for it to be effective. On the right are Corey Harper‘s hands. Pledge doesn’t work on humans.

Upstairs/Downstairs. Only the lower level tables had been recovered for the event, the upstairs tables still had good ol’ Simonis green.

Manny Chau relaxes on the patio on the left. On the right, Rafael Martinez sweats a match from a distance through an open door. He said watching matches up close made him too nervous.

Once upon a time, the ocean was green. Then, red tide came along. The end.

The final standings of the tournament:

1st Rodney “The Rocket” Morris $5,000
2nd Corey “Fluorescent” Deuel $3,000
3rd Rafael “Alive & Kicking” Martinez $2,000
4th Gabe “The Babe” Owen $1,200
5th/6th Oscar “Red-Handed” Dominguez $750
  Stevie “No Braids Any” Moore  
7th/8th Floofy Lombardo $550
  Marco Tschudi  


I understand the need for the new management at Hollywood Billiards to cover the tables in red cloth. Their prime demographic are the casual pool players. While the red cloth is — unusual — for a serious pool player, the casual pool player probably likes the edgy, avant-gardness of it all. And, in the end, pool just needs more players. If a red table will draw in someone who would not normally play the game as well as keep the pool room in business, it’s a good thing.

A traditionalist such as myself will merely have to move to greener pastures where I will be waiting for those red-table fishes if and when they decide to venture out into the wide, wide world.


random eats
I liked it so much I’m going overboard splashing this photograph everywhere

Here’s a picture of what I had for dinner last night.

Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Plate: chili-rubbed, w/fried egg, water spinach, creamed horseradish, roasted garlic serrano paste, shallots.


3300 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-0337

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