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FIS Rejects Vonn’s Request to Race Against Men
The FIS council met Saturday in Oberhofen, Switzerland, and “confirmed that one gender is not entitled to participate in races of the other,” adding in a statement that “exceptions will not be made to the FIS Rules.”
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Japan and blood types: Does it determine personality?
Are you A, B, O or AB? It is a widespread belief in Japan that character is linked to blood type. What’s behind this conventional wisdom?



william golding would approve

This past weekend, I was invited to a pig roast.


The pig was put in a giant custom-made roasting rig the night before and slow-roasted for about 20 hours.

While it was being carved, bits of the crispy roasted skin were passed around.


This was my first plate of food (and a cup of horchata — yummers).

There is a carrot-radicchio slaw (very tasty), kale-persimmon salad, sauerkraut, and thin slices of grilled jalapeno.

This is my second plate of food.

I was asked, “fat or lean?” Of course I said FAT. This is all delicious shreds of pork belly.


After all the fooding, my friends and I needed to justify more calories (there were cookies, pies, and pozole on the way, we were told).
We poked around the area and decided to climb one of the surrounding hills. After crossing the Metrolink tracks, we began the ascent.
One of the many plants along the way.


The view from the top of the hill behind our pignic.

Then, we ran back down and ate some more.



random craftiness

I keep trying to figure out how to do a gradient, but I’m not always successful. In any case, this mug turned out more or less all right.

This particular mug is spoken for, but I will have another one soon (I get obsessed with mastering things). Everybody who ordered mugs, thank you very much and I’m working on your stuff…



thanks a lot

Some social media thing going ’round has people posting one thing they are thankful for each day in November. Okay, fine. Let’s see if I can actually finish this bit of foofaraw.

3. Cat
4. Cat poop
I don’t have a paper shredder so I tear up those credit card offer letters and put them in with the cat poop. If a thief is willing to sort through cat poop to get a $100 line of credit — he probably deserves the $100.



comfortably numb