OMGWTF is not for everyone.

Side effects may include, headache, nausea, heartburn, giggles, chuckles, snorfles, outrage, disgust, indignation, indigestion, indifference, and/or an overwhelming desire to don cape, strike heroic pose, and declare, “THERE’S SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE ON THE INTERNET!”

Ask your healthcare professional if OMGWTF is right for you.

Upon accidental application of OMGWTF to sensitive eyes resulting in mild to nuclear disapproval, DO NOT PANIC. Rinse eyes gently with funny cat video or funny dog video or funny cat and dog video until all traces of offending matter have dissolved.


Some of you won’t like everything I write. Some of you won’t like anything I write. It’s all good. Dissenting opinions are the sugar and salt on a peanut, the chili and lime on a pork rind, the salt and vinegar on a potato chip (or crisp).

haters gonna hate