Hey y’all!

I used to blog twice a week, then once a week, then once a year, and then I didn’t blog at all in 2019. Responsible Living does a helluva job cockblocking Bad Decisions so I haven’t had much to write about. It’s a shame I can’t return to my glory days, but then again, who can?

Life is good!

Which means I’m playing bad!

Shall we descend into the maelstrom yet again because I am a highly motivated and resourceful individual with absolutely no sense of moderation who also loves food and the occasional adult beverage?


I left the majority of social media last year because of course that is like the most bestest decision in the history of bestest decisions when you’re looking to reduce stress in the all-pervasive passive-aggressive showboating butt-hurt junior-high shitshow that is the current digital age.


Social media IS one of the best ways to hear about tournaments and when I was ready to once again reduce my quality of life and the weight of my wallet, I did not know what was available to help me on my way to self-destruction. My very patient friends diligently forwarded me flyers they foraged from Facebook and that is how I heard about the “Best in the West Ladies 8-Ball Showdown” at the Las Vegas Cue Club.

Las Vegas Cue Club
953 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 735-2884
★ Open 24 Hours ★

The Cue Club. Now that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time. My last significant memory of the Cue Club was watching Evgeny Stalev play Amar Kang giving him the 7. If I remember right, Amar, backed by the San Francisco contingent, ended up winning. This might have been in the early to middle 2000’s, when BCAPL National Championships was still in May and I had no idea eight-ball on a small table was very different than nine-ball on a big table.

Ah, nostalgia.

It’s 2020 and now I know eight-ball on a small table and nine-ball on a big table are very different but what remains the same is that I’m not good at either of them.

Oh, and I discovered the Cue Club has a back room of only bar tables and it’s rather delightfully non-smoking, although I can attest cleaner air perfumed faintly with vape clouds of exotic artificial fruits does not help with choking.

barrrr tables galorrrre
barrrr tables galorrrre (four Diamonds, the rest are Valleys with highly variable levels of rail deadness and fabric newness

This back room has some powerful lighting going on. There are rectangular LED spotlights deeply recessed into the ceiling above each table. It makes for a very dramatic look that is super-movie star glitzy but will also burn out your retinas after thirty minutes.

whereas normal lighting just says “balls” this type of lighting transcends to heavy metal screaming “WHO’S GOT THE BRIGHTEST BALLS OF THEM ALL IN MIND-SHREDDING SUPER HIGH-DEF” ok fine Cue Club, YOU fucking do

Because of the bright light, the shadows are quite stark and hard on my vision. I might have to do the indoor sunglasses thing next time and increase my lameness factor by several magnitudes.

art, because beauty and creativity is in all of us and found everywhere

I did not have concrete expectations, so I will say I played all right. Better than most, but not as good as some. Inconsistent, yet acceptable under the circumstances. A fight broke out among two other participants during one of my matches because of course it did. No other highlights.

As is my non-recommended habit, I had only black coffee and water during the tournament, which meant I could really enjoy eating at the end of the day. I went to my current pho beau, Viet Noodle Bar. I specifically got the Airbnb that I did because it was within walking distance of this place. I highly recommend it.

Viet Noodle Bar
5288 W Spring Mountain Rd #106, Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 750-9898
★ Open 9 a.m. – 6 a.m. ★

I played well in a few spots on Sunday but sold the farm far too often. Overall it was a very well-run tournament by Cody Davido and Danielle Roberts, and many thanks to Henry Nogiec and the Cue Club for the added money! I appreciate any women’s bar table eight-ball tournaments that let me race to 6 (bahahha, tortured you guys watching the stream, didn’t I?!). I look forward to playing in this again next year and will hopefully bring a more competitive game.

After some food and catching up on pool news with friends, it was time to return from whence I came.

The Cue Club has a cafe with typical pool hall fare. These are “Dry-Rub Lemon Pepper Boneless Chicken Wings,” a.k.a. little formerly frozen chicken nuggets rolled in lemon pepper. With fries. The fries are interesting. I can’t say they’re remarkable except that they are served at Chernobyl meltdown levels of (temperature) hot and lightly spiced with your fear of third-degree burns.

I took the overnight bus and went straight to work (just like the good ol’ days!) smelling of stale smoke, fake strawberries, and hope.

Introducing an EXCITING NEW BLOG FEATURE. Find out just how much Bad Decisions cost me and whether or not I can recoup the losses (spoiler: I can’t)! I think it would be interesting to see the Price of Glory, All Sales Final. Come along and ride on this farcical financial fantasy!

★ Flixbus had a fare sale which tipped the scales in favor of going to the tournament.
★ Dude tried to carjack the Uber I took from the bus station (it was a sketchy area), the driver sped off around a corner with the guy still hanging on the door until he let go, we didn’t go back to see what happened although cops came into the area.
★ Cody Davido, the tournament director, introduced me to Insomnia Cookies. They are good (and they deliver), but I think rather pricey for something that reminds of Mrs. Field’s Cookies (who I also felt were pricey). DIDDY RIESE FOREVER, BITCHES!!

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